We all know that exercise is good for you, but what if you have creaky bones and the body doesn't work the way you want it too!

It is so frustrating to want to be out in the fresh air, be able to take care of your yard yourself and not be able to do either one the way you used to do it, but there are ways to work around some of the problems.

Sometimes you have to compensate for the aches and pains or the lack of manipulation and strength; then hire or ask someone else to do the rest.

You owe it to yourself.

You will be getting exercise, taking care of the added little touches that only you can do the 'right way' and still be able to get those pesky odd jobs done with the help of another person. Now aren't you smart? See with age ….comes wisdom!

Things you can do yourself:

• Go to the store and get grass seed, mulch, fertilizer and
other needed necessities.
Have someone at the store load them in your car for you.
• Purchase a dandelion puller to get those pesky weeds out
without having to bend over. Then use your small rake to
rake them on to a shovel and throw away.
• Cut the lawn, if walking isn't a problem
• Weed flower beds and the lawn (hint is below to make it easy)
• Plant flowers and bulbs
• Purchase your plants, bulbs and seeds.

Easy ways to manipulate to get the job done:
• Use a garden stool to sit on so your knees don't get sore.
• Wear gloves with little nubbies on them to protect your hand
and fingers that become sore easily. This will also help to
cut down on blisters you may get from soft, thin skin on your
• Use a piece of wood with a nail at the end for picking up
papers and debris.
• Use a small (child size) rake for doing small areas at a time;
great for in the garden or around bushes.
• Hand tools with Big handles (in diameter) work the best for
dexterity when doing flower gardens or small areas
• Pick up sticks with the help of a shelf grabber that you
would normally use in the kitchen to get boxes down from
high places.
• Make raised garden beds when ever possible to cut down on
the bending.
• Plant flowers and tomato plants in flowerpots instead of
in the ground and use them for decorations all over the
• Use a push-button hose handle instead of the kind that you
have to squeeze, it will be a lot easier on the joints.

Places to look for help with the rest of the yard:

Always remember to go through somewhere that is reputable or a person that you already know.

Remember, there are scammers out there that wait for opportunities to get into the elderly persons homes.

These are safe places to call.
• Office on Aging
• Senior Citizen Groups
• Girl Scouts
• Boy Scouts
• Local Schools
• Non-profit groups and organizations
• Garden Clubs
• Social Service Departments
• Churches and youth groups

Remember to:

• Work in small time frames so you do not overexert those
muscles. Exercise is good in moderation.
• Get someone else to do the hard, stressful and heavy jobs.
• Enjoy the fresh air, breathe deep, and expand those lungs.
• Do not lift anything over 10 lbs.—Instead, open the bag
and take some out and put it into smaller bags or containers.
• Stretch those bones and muscles before doing yard work, it
will cut down on aches later.
• Use a cane, Piece of wood, walker or chair to help you get
your balance when getting up and down. A shopping cart also
comes in handy for this plus it is somewhere to have all the
tools you need.
• Avoid roses or flowers with sharp thorns or branches.

Extra hints:

• Work on the buddy system with a friend. Do one yard first
and then the other. It is more fun to have a buddy and
less strenuous, plus you may each have different limita-
tions that can benefit you both.
• Work smarter-not harder, there are easy ways of doing
everything in life. If someone offers to do something
for you, agree, in your younger days didn't you help
other people too? Consider this payback time for the
good deeds you did.
• Invest in a shopping cart to use in the yard. Insert a
bag for debris and garbage, hang a tool organizer on the
side (like the kind for a charcoal grill) to hang all of
your hand tools on. Attach a plastic bag to keep your
work gloves in etc. Moreover, this is handy to hold on
to when getting up and down and easy to push along on
grassy areas.
• Plant lavender or spearmint near windows for a fresh
aroma in the home all summer long.
• When asked about gifts you would like; include garden
items—it saves you money and makes your life easier.

Don't forget to pass the tips that you acquire on to your friends, so they can enjoy the great outdoors too. Use the wisdom that you have acquired over the years to create new shortcuts that work for you.

Author's Bio: 

Jan Hayner is creator of Easy Home Organizing at http://www.organizingandcleaning.com a site that offers hints and tips for making home organizing and house cleaning easy and stress-free.