When you find yourself wondering around aimlessly throughout the day that is a good sign that somewhere along the way you have lost the zest for the moment. Is this ok? Well, sure it is but does it feel good? No, I would have to admit it doesn't at all! Is it possible to hang on to your get up and go amongst all the sludge we trudge through everyday? Think you can and you can!

You have choices that will change this, found where the controls to your life are. Within! All you have to do is reset the control panel and zinggggg off you go again. The giddy up go is back! Sounds easy? Not when it is it too dark within to find the reset button! Now that is an interesting thought, isn't it? Got to have light or this is not going to be easy. You can't be a beacon if your light don't shine!

So now before you can push the reset button you have to find the light switch that gives you that GE moment when it's needed most. The light switch, I know it's here somewhere! Ahhhhh there it is, ewwwww right behind this sludge build up! Where did all this gunk come from? Oh it's not hard to pick up in life, it's found just about anywhere you go. A few negative thoughts, some disappointing ventures, and you are well on the way to creating the thickest sludge imaginable. Man this stuff is hard to find anything in, no wonder your zing has zonged!

So you ask yourself, how do you go through life without the sludge piling up that blocks the sublime? I guess you really can't is the most appropriate answer. It's everywhere and avoiding it is like forgetting to eat or sleep. That's not happening! So the next best thing is remembering that you can rid your self of this drain clogging, light blocking sludge anytime of the day or night.

The key to the clean up is envisioning the sun's golden rays forever shining within. I know you do this on cloudy days and it's very important to do it everyday from the inside out. It's hard for the gunk to stick to bright shiny sparkling walls of love and warmth. Keeping the love alive and flowing is a must in order to keep the drain from clogging. Incorporating thoughts that add zing to every possible moment makes each day worth remembering and gives you a renewed sense of energy when your giddy up go decides to gallop by the wayside. You are your thoughts! Keep them shining and sparkling!

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