Leads are not just leads, they are your CUSTOMERS! If you treat your leads well, they will be your customers for life.

Part of treating your customers well is to continually build a relationship with them. As your relationship builds, so will the trust and loyalty your leads have for you. One way to do that is to send out useful information to your list of leads, called an opt-in list, one or two times a month. You don't want to continually email them, because then they'll ask to be removed from your list, but you also want to keep in contact with them so they remember who you are.

A great way of doing this is to send out a newsletter that gives out information your opt-in list needs. If you are selling nutrition products, you'll want to gear your newsletter around nutrition. Selling collectable cars? Write a newsletter about that. The main point is, you want to cultivate your opt-in list so they become more highly responsive to what you have to offer them. By giving them information they can use, you foster a relationship with your leads. As that relationship builds, so does the trust and loyalty your leads have for you. As this happens, you create an increasing amount of permission to sell them your products. With your newsletter you've established that your products will be solutions to their problems.

This is called Permission Email Marketing. Jodi Hans, creator of the Wealth Guide has put together an incredible system that teaches you about Permission Email Marketing. You can find out more about this by sending an email to:


It's good to know how to cultivate your leads and earn their trust so they give you permission to offer them your products, but where do you get highly responsive leads in the first place?

There are several ways to increase your opt-in list...

*Pay Per Search Engines:

Pay Per Search Engines like http://www.overture.com (formerly goto.com ) are a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site. They charge a minimum of 5 cents per search term. For example, if you have a website that sells lamps, you might purchase search terms like lamp, light, desk lamp, light bulbs, etc. For each of these terms you are bidding for the position of your listing on the search engine -- highest bidders are at the top.

*Banner Advertising:

Although available, it is not recommended due to the poor conversion rates they offer. If you advertise on anyone's website, make sure it is a text based advertisement.

*Newsletter (Ezine) Advertising:

Newsletters are a great source of cultivated opt-in lists. You are paying for your ad to run to the editor's opt-in list.

When you advertise in newsletters, target your marketing as much as possible by choosing content specific newsletters. For example, to sell our lamps we might choose an interior decorating newsletter, but not a sports related newsletter.

It's best to contact the editor of the newsletter first, to see how responsive they are. If your email bounces, it takes several days for a response, or your email goes unanswered, cross that newsletter off your list. If the editor doesn't have the time for you, they more than likely don't have time for their subscribers and their list isn't cultivated.

When you run your ad, the way you add to YOUR list, is to send people to an email address first, for more information. When someone requests information from you, they are OPTING IN to your list. They have given you permission to respond to them. Treat these people like gold. They might not purchase from you right away, but the longer you cultivate them, give them useful information, they will come to trust you and value your opinion, and have the possiblity of becoming customers for life!

More powerful than getting sales from these ads you've placed are the leads your ads generate. Don't get me wrong, immediate sales are GREAT! But most times it takes placing a product in front of someone 7 times before they purchase.

A great newsletter brings you lots of new opt-in leads from your ad.

* Pay Per Leads Services:

This is the best method of attaining a HUGE customer base in a short period of time. Pay Per Opt-In Leads Services like http://LNDMarketing.com can collect as many as 5,000 opt-in leads for you every day! The benefit of such a service is that it offers you the leads to create your OWN opt-in list instead of relying on someone else's list. You are spending money on YOURSELF instead of purchasing something from someone else.

To your success!
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Danielle Eidson is the editor and publisher of the LND Marketing Newsletter



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Danielle Eidson is the editor and publisher of the LND Marketing
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