Many of us are familiar with the process of formulating and writing down our goals. But how many of us actually achieve these? Besides setting goals, what are the crucial elements to ensure that we achieve what we set out to do?

We have heard, learned and studied all about SMART goals, and this method certainly helps us to ensure that we have included all the necessary ingredients that would ensure that we achieved what we had set out to do.

But once we meticulously write down our goals, what happens then? Does this method really guarantee that we will be successful and achieve our goals?

I am sorry to say that it does not.

We need a way to ensure that we get from the task of setting goals, to actually achieving them. We know how to do the first part. That is the easy bit. But how do we achieve our goals without giving up?

Imagine if there was a simple method whereby you just had to follow steps 1, 2 and 3, and you were guaranteed success?

Without putting too fine a point on this, we are living in the real world. If something is worth achieving, then it is not supposed to be easy!

So forget about any promises of success without any effort on your part. There are tips and suggestions that you can follow, but it is entirely up to you whether you achieve your goals or not. You need to stay fully focused on your goal at all times to succeed.

What are the essential elements to achieve? Here are 4 brief tips that go a long way to achieving success!

1) Believe in yourself and in your own ability to succeed.

2) Be positive at all times and appreciate that you will achieve.

3) Be determined and keep going, even if you have setbacks.

4) Continually remind yourself that achievement gives you such a wonderful feeling of personal satisfaction.

If you follow this advice, then I am confident that you will be successful in achieving anything that you set out to do!

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Being an advocate of Positive Psychology, Jan encourages people to identify their strengths to make positive and worthwhile changes in their lives. Through her seminars, workshops and speaking engagements, she motivates others to be Positive Thinkers & Achievers.