Elite athletes know something you don’t know. It makes it possible for them to get more performance out of their bodies than the average person.

The mind set of an elite athlete and her coach is to find every edge possible. This is how they stay a step ahead of their competition.

This is important for you because, if you take advantage of some of the lessons learned by the elite athlete, your life will be better.

And my quest for that elusive edge was never ending.
One of the things I discovered is that nutrition plays a huge part in how your body functions. By improving my nutrition and am healthier now than I was 10 years ago and my body performs better And I am now 61 years old.

Until now one of the advantages elite athletes had was access to nutritional testing. Blood and urine testing showed how the body was using or not using the nutrition being taken in. These tests were fairly expensive and only tested for normal standards. But it still allowed these athletes to perform better.

The key problem with them is that there was no consideration for the differences between each individual person. There was no way to tell if one person needed more of one nutrient and less of another.

To really fine tune nutrition and help each person’s body become the healthiest possible, the differences in every person needed to be addressed. And Blood and Urine testing could not do that.

So the next step was to test what makes everyone unique. Their DNA. You know how on CSI they use DNA to identify the bad guy. With DNA nutrition testing you can now fine tune your nutrition.
When your body is getting what is was designed to use, it will work better than it ever has.

Customized nutrition is what the elite athlete has been after to get their edge. Now customized nutrition is available for you. Get your edge, just like the elite athlete.

Author's Bio: 

Russ Stiffler is a former 2-time World Record Holder and National Champion and coach of World and National Water Ski Champions. Find him at www.RussStiffler.com