Who Am I?

You cannot see your self - you can only see what you are not.

What you are is the very 'thing' that gives birth to all life, sustains that very life and then destroys that very life.

You are that which constitutes the energy that is forever arising.

It is beyond its own creation.

The creation comes and goes in cycles - all things pass away, seen and unseen, internal and external - they are transient, all of it is transient, everything except for the very energy (heart) that sustains it all.

You are not the transient.

You are that which is beyond the transient.

It never dies - it cannot - it does not - it just is.

This is what and who you are - the very substance that is totally alive and yet beyond its own manifestation.

If you buy into believing yourself to be that which passes away then pain and suffering are the inevitable result of that belief. That cannot be helped. It passes away. You do not. To put your eggs into the basket that is under the crusher is not a good idea. To get on the train that is heading to fly off of the cliff is going to bring you misery.

If you choose to put your energy into believing that you are something that you are not - what to do? Who is to blame? If you do not choose what is already true of you...

How to be what you already are? There is no 'how', there is only the being thereof.

To be that which you already are - to be that - requires your alignment, your choosing to be in the same moment that the backdrop of existence is arising.

The one energy, heart, that arises as all things which come and go, arises now.

It is you.

This is who you are.

What are you?

You are the heart that is arising in this very moment as all things. The same energy that is arising as your neighbour, brother, sister, mother, father, friend, enemy... is you. The energy that is arising as the walls of your room, the cigarette butt in the gutter, the gutter itself, the moon, sun and stars, the trees and rivers, the pesticides and poisons, the rainbows and butterflies, angels and devils, the white, black and blue brotherhoods... is you. In other words, everything. Everything. Absolutely everything, seen and unseen. All of manifestation is but a reflection of the living one - which happens to be you. This one is arising now. Right now. Right here. Actually so. Energetically so.

This is who you are.

To take the part to be the whole that you are, is going to result in pain and suffering. That simply cannot be helped. To seek to gain from the part what only the whole can deliver is only going to leave you in anguish.

Such is the way that it is - such is the way that it always was.

Talking about this great matter or thinking about this great matter is not going to cut the mustard.

Believing that you are the unmanifest itself is not going to have you home in the heart.

You must enter this very energy (heart) directly and then stay here.

This you can do. It is already true of you.

Nothing has the power to prevent you from coming home to the heart. Nothing.

The part has no power to prevent the whole.

You are already the heart. It is the unmanifest arising as itself through the manifest. It is true of you now. You can enter it (and enter it you must - thinking about it is not going to bring you into being it - no way, no can do).

It need not take a long time to energetically connect with your beingness.

Your desire to come home is all that is required. If your desire to come home to the heart is not strong then very little is going to change for you. You will settle for less. And less is what you already suffer.

If you still think that you can hang onto your belief in your head (or shmee) and be the heart as well then you still have some fundamental lessons to learn about how the part cannot be the whole. No matter how big the part appears it is still only the part. It was born and it will die, like all else and all else is transient.

Because you settle for less than what you already are you are left with the continual seeking for what only the heart can deliver.

The illusion cannot deliver what you are always looking for in the "great out-there" or in the "great in-there".

What you are has no beginning and no end. It is a continuity. That continuity is happening right now. You can enter this now and be this continuity. For that to actualise though, requires your surrendering what you have come to believe yourself to be. As simple as this is, it is very arduous from your normal mode of tendency.

What you are left with as you begin to align yourself to the heart.


The sheer pleasure of no longer trying - for anything. Always flowing from each moment with clarity to every arising circumstance.

The tremendous beauty of being the heart, informing your whole life. No rules, no regulations.

Seeing how this one that is you is also everyone and thing else. No doubt and no guilt. Endless clarity.

No fight, no problem. Constant depth of being home in the heart.

The continuity and exhaustlessness of being.

The freedom of the energy of what is beyond everything at all times (which is you) – forever.

Sounds boring? *chuckling* Only the head would think that - particularly when the heart is not entered.

The indescribable quality of being can only be pointed to and all of this is simply a pointer.

Want to come home?

You can.

Nothing is preventing you.


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