All self concern is a symptom of the disease of "not being" which disappears as soon as you realize who you are - which is your natural state.

Giving it a grand title like "enlightenment" only shows how insane we are.

It is your natural state.

Unperceived - it causes perception, unfelt - it causes feeling, unthinkable - it causes thought, beyond being and "not being" - it gives rise to being. It is the immovable background of all motion - it is the heart in motion.

Once you are here realizing who you are - right here, right now, seeing that this one that is looking through your very eyes is who you are - you are at home everywhere.

It is you. It is where you are happy without cause. The moment you are being who you are you are freed from all agendas, from all the cramps of attempting to be what you are not.

The realization of who you are is a momentary thing until such time that who you think you are completely dies to this one that you are whereby you are immersed so fully, never to "not know" who you are ever again.

It is a point of no return. Full stop.

Until such time that such an "event" should transpire - no one knows when such a dissolution should "happen"; it comes upon you like a thief in the night - you have within your power to be free of who you think you are and to "see and be" who you already are.

There is nothing more that you can do than to be aligned energetically to your self, the heart. This "motion of seeing" that is flowing through your eyes right now. Coming to rest as this very "aliveness," since it is who you already are.

Being free of who you think you are and its "endless" machinations. Being who you already are and allowing the mindbody to unravel from its nonsense.

Hence it is a momentary motion.

Either being who you are in any given moment or "not being" who you are and believing yourself to be who you think you are which creates more unravelling for the mindbody to go through.

Who you are is already true of you and you can "see and be" it.

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