What a wonderful topic for me to have the privilege to share with you! I recently turned 40 years old and now, more than ever, I feel as if I have stepped into an authentic power. For me adding the word authentic is paramount and turning 40 was the catalyst for change. However we can embrace authentic power at any age.

One definition of the word power is “a position of authority”. Then adding the word authentic is about accepting the truth, which is that the only real authority we have is over our own lives. We have authority over the actions we take, the words we speak and the thoughts we believe. Possessing authentic power is about owning our personal Divine path…It is about stepping up to whatever it is you are called to do.

What did God put you here to have authority over? Whatever it is, it is unique to you. No one else can be it, feel it, or see it like you can. You can embrace it by choosing to live it without hesitation, limitation or fear. Seize your power with the confidence of knowing who and whose you are!

One of my favorite quotes is by Marianne Williamson, “Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” I keep the full quote on the back of my front door. It is there to remind me, before I step out into the world, to be all that the Creator has intended for me to be. I am reminded that playing small does not serve anyone. Each one of us is responsible doing our part in enriching the world.

I believe that in the end, when we all return to the Eternal Spirit as One, the only truth that will matter is whether or not we did whatever we were supposed to do to uplift humanity. Or were we too busy living in fear and playing small?

It is like this…If you had a beautiful bright bulb that could illuminate your entire house, but you never turned it on--then you would live in darkness. Embracing your authentic power is very much the same concept. It is like turning on your spiritual light for the world. Yours might just be the illumination that brings someone else out of confusion, suffering, and darkness. Hmmm…when you think about it like that it really seems almost selfish to not become your most powerful self, right?

So wait no longer—Step up today and Embrace Your Power!


Author's Bio: 

Imani Evans is Founder & President of a non-profit organization for women survivors of sexual & domestic violence, Women Healing Women, Inc. She has spent many years inspiring others to live with passion and advocating for those without a voice.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Imani has been a social change agent for more than 20 years, working with several non-profit agencies throughout Atlanta, New Jersey and New York. She has successfully served a wide range of populations, including survivors of sexual violence, mentally ill clients,breast cancer survivors, seniors, people living with HIV/AIDS and families
experiencing homelessness. Her areas of organizational expertise are creative program development, staff training, and coalition building.

Evans received Special Congressional Recognition as director of a national breast and cervical cancer awareness program. he is the recipient of several community activist awards in Atlanta, GA. She has facilitated workshops and presentations across the country for such organizations as: Georgia Homes and Services for the Aging (GAHSA),Newark Day Center, Miss Teen Plus Scholarship, YWCA-National, TEDCO Lincoln House, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, National Black Women’s Health Project, MELD Program for Girls, and Dance to a Different Drum.

Imani is author of “Today is the Miracle: A 30-day guide to overcoming challenges and creating miracles” and creator of an anthology entitled,“My Heart – My History, a collection of stories from the heart”. She has been featured in Atlanta’s Creative Loafing newspaper; New Jersey Star Ledger newspaper; Clickque magazine; Atlanta’s KISS 104.1 & WRFG radio shows. Her inspirational articles have been featured online at SpiritualAtlanta.com and Preach2me.com.

Imani Evans is a dynamic speaker and performance poet who captivates audiences with passion, inspiration, and humor.