The parental journey has many paths, we as parents have walked down a few, sometime to turn around and say “that’s not my path”. The other thing that seems to happen is we walk down a path that resonates with us for awhile, and then seemingly abruptly, we look around and ask “Is this still the right path”. I love this kind of thing because when it happens I know I am still on my journey, that there is still more up ahead and I’m ready to make new decisions. As much as I love it, it is also usually a challenging time for me. I start looking at all the different paths I have journeyed, I start going back to the “Gurus”, looking for answers, and what I always learn in the end is the answers are right inside of me. The conundrum of parenting is that we often feel we need to find the answers for or about our children, yet we so want to raise empowered children. How do we truly empower our kids to know their truth and follow their bliss if we are listening to our inner voice that has the answers for us? The question is are they the right answers for my children?

This is where I turn down the path marked, Law of Attraction, if I follow this path I start to become reassured that all will be well. From this point forward I am describing my interpretation of Law of Attraction as I have learned it through many sources, the most important being Ester Hicks and the teachings of Abraham (goggle search it!) SO remember this is my truth, it is always important to remember we are all individuals with our own filters. Just think of it as a walk down the path with me, not any type of instruction or Dogma! Ok, hold my hand and let’s start walking.

I mentioned that this path is very reassuring to me, for me LoA (law of attraction) is all about trust! Trusting that all will be well is the key that unlocks the door, knowing I am doing my best at any given moment and the same holds true for my children. Let’s talk a little about a common scenario between parent and child, especially older children. Parent thinks sports/exercise is important, child thinks reading or playing video games is important (both sedentary activities). A conflict ensues because there are different beliefs, but who is “right”? Looking at this through the filter of LoA, both are “right”! How can this be? Well, if Dad runs marathons and mom doesn’t that’s Ok right? So why wouldn’t the same hold true for our children? LoA teaches us that everyone is doing exactly what they should be doing at any given moment. That we are all living our *perfect* lives at this moment. So what do we do about the resistance that we feel as a parent about our kids not getting enough exercise, green food, time with family, the list can go on and on, we put it through the filter of LoA. Looking at it through LoA eyes we see we are just bumping off each other while we clarify what we are really asking for from the universe, and then we trust the universe will give us exactly what we need. You can also use an affirmation like this, “I want to run marathons and my son wants to play video games, and we don’t know how this will resolve…yet”. The yet is very important, that would be a step up the vibrational ladder. It is not a solution, but it frees up the resistance to the problem, then you can take it one step further when you are ready and change the affirmation to something like “I love to run marathons and my son loves to play video games, we are different and wonderful” or “My body needs to run and my son’s does not, we are both healthy and happy”. The point is to change you vibration to be more positive, to have less resistance and let you and your son create your *perfect* lives. Law of Attraction teaches us to point our boat downstream, which to me means go with the flow. If anything in life is meeting resistance you are pointed upstream and you are going against the flow of life. The scenario above and the suggested actions/affirmations help you change your vibration and turn your boat downstream. Why would we want to go against the current, why would we want to make more work for ourselves?

For me true empowerment comes from within, children are *perfect*, empowered beings when they join us on this life’s journey. If we knew all we need to know from that day forward then we would not have to teach our kids how to be or stay empowered…because they would *know*. Yet, the truth is most of us are not Ghandi or Buddha; we are just regular folks who have been through a lot of life’s challenges and probably lost our own empowerment along the way. We lost our own *knowing* of the truth that we are all connected and we are all *perfect*. So the path to empowerment has many turns and one that I have found helpful is the one marked Law of Attraction, it is helpful because it continually reminds us that all will be well. That resistance is futile, and we are exactly where we are supposed to be. There are a few key points I would like for you to take away from this article.

1) Learn to say "yet"
2) Get your own thoughts in well-being before dealing with your children
3) Quit listening to others unless they are helping you go downstream
4) Remember to do steps 1-3 often

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