Do you remember a time when you felt fully empowered – that feeling of being on top of the world, honoring yourself and your values, expressing yourself, your talents and your gifts as you choose, living the life you want? You might feel like this right now, or not. Even if you don't remember a time like this in your life, can you imagine what it would feel like, how freeing it would be?

Empowerment is about owning our power, and it comes from within. No one can give us freedom; we have to claim it for ourselves. The funny thing about life is that when we stop blaming others and circumstances for restricting our lives, we begin to see that we have been our own persecutor, our own judge, our own jailer, and ultimately our own liberator. At first it may seem sad and frustrating, but once we start to free ourselves from our own self-defeating behaviours, beliefs and limitations, the lightness and ease kicks in and we can't help but laugh at how silly it all has been – we see how we’ve lived our lives as though caught in an old episode of the Twilight Zone. All we have to do is change the channel.

Owning more of your power involves being honest with yourself, connecting with who you really are on a deeper level, knowing what your needs and values are, what you like and don’t like, what your passions and priorities are in life. When you know who you are, what you want and where your boundaries are, you feel empowered, confident, peaceful and on purpose in life. You trust yourself and the process of life. You know that everyone and everything that comes into your life has either a gift or a lesson to offer you. And you are able to receive and give openly and generously.

Explore these questions to gain insights:

* When have you felt empowered in your life – at what times, in what situations, with which people? How did you contribute to this?

* When have you felt disempowered in your life –where, with whom? How did you contribute to this?

* Where do you currently give your power away – in what situations, with whom and why? What are you getting in exchange for your freedom and power (other’s attention, approval, love etc.) and is it worth it?

Try these inspiring ideas to feel more empowered:

* Imagine fully owning your power in the situations you tend to give it away. What boundaries would you have to set? What would you need to do for yourself to feel safe, accepted and loved in these situations?

* Explore what your needs and values are in life. The things that you need to have or be in order to feel comfortable in life (honesty, order, clarity, acknowledgement etc), and how you like to live and express yourself in life (adventure, beauty, creativity, leadership etc.). Where are you honouring your needs and values in the various aspects of your life? Brainstorm ways you can more fully honour these in all areas of your life.

* Try taking some time to let your imagination show you the possibilities of owning your power and how freeing it is. Start by sitting comfortably with your eyes closed letting your body relax. Imagine filling your whole body and energy space with a clear gold color as a way to fill yourself with your own certainty and power. Let every cell of your body vibrate with the feelings of enthusiasm and freedom. Then start to imagine what your life can be like when you are fully empowered. Go through a day, a week and even a month or year from the perspective of owning your power and honoring yourself. Notice what you are doing, saying and feeling. Just before coming back to the present moment, ask yourself what it is you most need to do or be in order to take the next step in owning your power.

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach, Writer and Spiritual Teacher. Gini is the author of the book, From Chaos to Calm: How to Shift Unhealthy Stress Patterns and Create Your Ideal Balance in Life, and the CD, Create What You Want in Your Life. She uses a powerful blend of spiritual energy awareness tools, wellness counselling and coaching skills in her Transformational Sessions and Insights & Inspiration Calls. For more information visit her website at Celebrate YourSelf or for transformational articles visit Insights & Inspiration.