Being out in the garden is always energizing for me - but then again I am a high energy kind of gal! However, when I feel a mid day slump coming on, all I need to do is take a walk outdoors.I don't always have my garden or a park near by, so even a stroll around the block in the neighborhood where I sometimes work will pick me up. Being out in the fresh air and sunshine really make a difference for me - good thing I live in Arizona - where we have 350 days of sun a year!

I have found that even a shift in my focus or perspective will help energize me when I feel a little sluggish, Talking with someone, asking their thoughts on what I am doing, or just a change in subject helps.

No matter what is is that gives me energy, I know that I will feel renewed for whatever my next task or activity is - and living a life being present is certainly much more enjoyable then living in a fog.

Happy Digging -

Doreen aka The Garden Goddess

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