Watch children at play and marvel at their seemingly boundless levels of energy. We are born with a reservoir of energy sustaining biochemicals that should supply our energy needs well into advanced years. Unfortunately, our chemical laden diet, stress, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, dehydration, limited oxygen, environmental pollution, and resultant illness all rob us of the well spring of energy we once had. The usual suspects are responsible for robbing us of our energy and pushing us into a rapid free fall of unrelenting fatigue.

Feeling tired is one of the most common reasons people go to see the medical doctor according to a diagnostic report from the National Institute of Health. When no immediate medical problem is found for the fatigue, a psychological diagnosis such as depression may be blamed for the fatigue, and medication for the depression prescribed. Paradoxically, the side effects of antidepressants may be continued fatigue and sleeplessness as well as other unpleasant side effects.

The cellular energy cycle is a complex biochemical process that is easily disrupted without the necessary catalysts that sustain it. Coenzymes are necessary for enzymes to function properly. Coenzyme 1, also called NADH is the primary catalyst in the energy cycle. This energizing coenzyme is also the most fragile and easily destroyed. Because this important coenzyme is so sensitive, it is difficult to obtain an adequate amount in our diet.

Internationally known scientist, George Birkmayer, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder of Birkmayer Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the medication used to treat Parkinson's Disease, was able to stabilize this vital coenzyme and make it available for supplementation. In expensive FDA pharmaceutical trials, Dr. Birkmayer's discovery has been shown to be clinically effective in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome a specific illness with one of the symptoms being debilitating fatigue. Coezyme 1 is one of the first and only nutritional supplements to undergo stringent FDA clinical study. Coenzyme 1 also supports the manufacture of the mood elevating neurotransmitters in the brain, serotonin, dopamine and noreprinephrine. Supplementing with coenzyme 1 has been helping many people around the world alleviate symptoms of fatigue as well as symptoms of depression, Parkinson's disease, and other chronic problems of the central nervous system like Alzheimer's disease. Thanks to Dr. Birkmayer's important discovery, it is now possible to supplement with the naturally occurring energizing coenzyme we had a lot of when we were born.

Including foods rich in essential fatty acids is another effective strategy to combat perpetual low energy. Start eating more plant fats, nuts, olives, avocados the monounsaturated fats which actually help burn fat in the body. Decrease the amount of animal or saturated fats in your diet and stay away from fabricated fats, margarine, shortening and certain oils. Fats That Heal Fats That Kill by biochemist Udo Erasmus is a great reference guide for knowing what foods fuel energy.

Digestion is one of the most energy consuming functions in the body. Without the necessary digestive enzymes, the process of digestion puts more strain on the immune system. Food additives and some common food allergies may further rob our energy bank by keeping the immune system on guard. Noted cardiologist, Dean Ornish, M.D., says adverse reactions to food is an overlooked cause of low energy. A faster pulse, a feeling of flushing, pressure in the abdomen, a headache may be an indication of an allergic reaction, according to Dr. Ornish. Too much caffeine may increase fatigue. Too much caffeine artificially stimulates the stress reaction on an already over stressed system. Caffeine is a drug and acts like one in the body warns pharmacy expert Earl Mindell, RPh, Ph.D.

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B.L. Stevens, Ph.D., LISW, M.A., writes and lectures on numerous topics whatever is of personal interest in the moment.