We know today that we are all energy units! Albeit of different levels but
energy units we are including buildings, furniture, food, and anything else
that you see around you. In solid units such as we are, energy is held
together to create matter, don’t ask me to go into the physics know-how,
just accept it for what it is. Tons of books out there will tell you about this.
I remember over 15 years ago when I was getting ready to leave New
York I decided to sell all my heavy material belongings. One of my friends,
director of an astrology school, immediately bought my large heavy wood
solid antique bookcase (without the books) and was happy to declare with
a big smile ‘Now I will have your energy with me for at least a year!’
hmmmm, I thought at the time, that’s interesting. It came as a surprise
to me that he liked my energy that much. He explained that he liked my
positive optimistic effervescent life loving nature. I know what he meant
because as I go through the life school of hard knocks, I bounce back
each time stronger than ever before.
But I’m straying away from what I really want to talk about here, which is
energy. Energy equals vibration. We know two things for sure, one that
we are not all blessed with the same amount of energy or vibration and
two that we have different qualities of energy or vibration. What is also
widely known today is that this quality depends very much on our own
thoughts and our inner mental and feeling world. If, for example, we lack
self-esteem, feel inadequate and short changed by life itself, we tend to
withdraw inwards, wallow in self-pity and develop a negative inner
dialogue. This negative inner dialogue then controls our life as it manifests
on the material level with negative results. So no matter how much we
seek happiness or aim for success in anything, it remains out of reach
leaving us frustrated and wondering why, forgetting that it is our inner
world that ultimately leads us towards or away from our goals and
Often as we work hard towards achieving a certain goal, whatever that
maybe, and we seem to be doing all the right things that are required on
the outer level, the material level, but the goal still eludes us and we sit
there annoyed and distressed wondering what went wrong. We complain,
sink into a depression and blame others and circumstances totally
ignoring and forgetting about our inner world, the real world that we live
in, i.e. our intimate thoughts, our inner dialogue, our intentions, our real
secret desires which is the fuel.
Truth of the matter is that everything that is visible in the physical world,
first has to be completed on the etheric level, thought level, mental level
before it can materialize in the physical world that we live in. Artists,
architects, cooks, gardeners, writers and all creative people on any level
know about this procedure. Here’s a simple example: you cannot have a
clear quality photograph without having the perfect negative first, so the
negative for our physical goal, the blueprint, has to be complete first on
the mental plane in our thought world. The more detailed, clear and
perfect that is, the better and the stronger chance it will have to manifest
in the physical world. Important is that you know what YOU really want
and not what others want for you or what you think you should want. For
this you need to develop your imagination!

No matter how much of a show you put on of being positive to impress
others or fool yourself, if you have an inner negative dialogue, a
dissatisfied unhappy insecure inner self, the outer will remain what it is –
a fake. You see, energy is vibration, and this negative vibration of your
thoughts and feelings emanates from your every pour whether you like it
or not. It is a low vibration level. Your very aura that surrounds you will
be colored with this negativity, visible to the few in dark colors, and
definitely, felt by almost everyone you come in contact with because you
will have a heavy suffocating energy around you. According to the
universal Law of Attraction, this negative energy will attract only its like to
you namely more negativity and will repel everyone and everything else
away from you. This law of attraction works as guaranteed as the law of
gravity works.

I am very aware and support teachings of repeating affirmations and
pretending ‘you’re happy when you’re blue’ methods until it has sunk into
your subconscious. This is a process of learning which you will need to go
through if you are not blessed, as the few fortunate who are, with an in
born positive attitude and a love for life, do not despair, all is not lost, you
can change it. It is your life and you are the master of your life after all.
You have been given the gift of free choice. Whenever you notice your
mischievous mind wondering off to negative thoughts, force yourself to
think of positive thoughts instead. Focus and concentration is a major key.
Focus on that what you want, live healthy, eat healthy, exercise, raise
your vibration level, do whatever pleases you, be that meditation,
walking, hiking, reading, movies, books, music, attend workshops, even
getting a coach if need be, do it all with joy. Joy is another key. Each step
is a step nearer to your desired goal. You need to master this first, with
little achievable goals before you embark on larger ones. So you might be
faking it to begin with but in time you will be a natural and that’s when
you can expand your goals.

Energetic dynamic people who have a high-energy vibration level are
considered sexy and attractive and people are drawn to them like bees to
honey. Usually such people have a love for life itself and they attract
people, money, and success effortlessly. Having a low energy vibration of
unhappiness and lack, will attract nothing but unhappiness and lack of love
and lack of money to you. So work on raising your vibration level. How
you do that is easy too. Motion is the answer, move, be active, be

energetic, run, dance, sing, get your heart racing, sing loud, stomp your
feet, get excited, get enthusiastic, be passionate, be interested in the
good stuff that goes on around you. Remember always, if you expect to
get the best, you will get the best, if you expect to lose then you will
surely lose. That is how the law works.

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Margo life coach/therapist/ speaker/spiritual teacher/ writer/ artist, has authored three books basic steps for self transformation, an introduction to metaphysics and listing over 200 natural laws to live by. Books available directly from author website, from the publisher and from . She has written various articles on self-improvement, self-transformation, motivation and spiritual development. She coaches and holds sessions worldwide by phone and e mail, and holds regular teleclasses and workshops. See also Margo’s blog on URL: http://www.mindempowerment.net
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