When issues and challenges come up in my life, I always go to the Akashic Records for guidance. This article that you are about to read, is the result of what I learned by visiting and receiving information from my own Akashic Records. I share it with you now because I feel the information is beneficial for just about everyone. Enjoy!

The Energy of Distraction: Why things seems to go awry for no apparent reason....

What if we (humans) are provided with a pure energy source, an energy that has not been molded into any particular form. How this energy is made manifest in our lives is determined by the way we mold it with our thoughts and emotions.

Imagine this pure energy as a brilliant, vibrant energy. With our thoughts and emotions we choose how we mold this energy. We can either mold it into Love and Compassion, or we can mold it into something else. When thoughts and emotions of fear, frustration, or worry are intertwined with this energy it becomes darker, denser, and less vibrant. Eventually it is just a dark cloud of energy hanging around. This energy cloud is in the energy field around you, part of your aura. As part of your aura, it continues to influence your thoughts and emotions, creating more and more distractions. This becomes a self-perpetuating cycle to the point where living amidst distraction seems normal.

In the past I have created dense energy, borne of my own thoughts and therefore a part of me. In effect, this energy is much like a child of mine. This energy is very real and has an intelligence of its own. It continues to receive nourishment from other fear/worry filled thoughts that I may have. This ‘child’ has learned that it can manipulate me, and circumstances around me, through distractions. The goal of this child is to keep me in a ‘distracted’ state because that is the only way it can maintain control of my energy.

The moment that I became ‘aware’ of what was going on, I reminded myself of Who I Really AM, a Co-Creator with God. As a co-creator I am a power creative force in my reality and it is important that I do not let my mind wander. As a co-creator I am creating 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If my mind is wandering without any conscious attention to what I am thinking about, I am still creating. This is the doorway for distraction. If I am consciously creating, conscious of my thoughts, then I AM creating the reality I Choose.

When I am consciously creating I remind myself that I am a child of God, a Magnificent Spiritual Being and my natural state is Love and Compassion. Now I am not angry with this child-like energy that I created with my unconscious thoughts, because it was only doing what any child would do……run wild until told otherwise! This child-like energy is a part of me, I created it, therefore I Love it. Loving it does not mean I continue to accept its behavior.

So when I feel myself being pulled down the road of distraction, worrying about something, getting frustrated about something, or being afraid of something, I literally imagine a small child-like size of dark energy next to me, this child is the embodiment of the distraction. I tell that child-like energy that I love it, but it is time for it to move on to its next higher level of evolution. I am a child of God and I will not be run by distractions any more. I am a magnificent spiritual being, and as such, I CHOOSE my experiences. If the distraction is a particularly strong one, I will put it in “time out” while I remind myself Who I Really AM. Then I will talk with the energy about moving on to its next higher level of evolution.

This child-like energy had been able to manipulate me for years. Like any child who has had some control, he/she did not want to give that control back to me! The first few times that I put my foot down and set down some new ground rules I was tested. This child-like energy was asking me, “Did you really mean what you say, and say what you mean?” or “is this just another phase I can ride out until I get control again?”

This analogy of a child works for me because I have children and deal with them on daily basis. If the analogy of a child does not work for you, create some other tool. In creating another analogy remember to treat the energy of distraction with Love; anything else will only continue to feed it, making it more powerful. Send the energy with Love to its next higher level of evolution. Set your intent to accept your role as a co-creator and choose to become more conscious of your thoughts and emotions. Be firm and stand your ground. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You are a co-creator. Be Clear about what you are choosing to create.

Here is another way of looking at the energy of distraction.

We are multi-dimensional beings, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We exist in a multitude of dimensions, realities, and times simultaneously. I also believe there are angels, ascended masters, and “entities” that exist in much the same way that we do. (entities is a catch all word I use for dark, dense energies that have an intelligence of their own).

We are energetic beings and as such we emit frequencies of energies at all of our levels of existence. The energies that we emit impact other beings who resonate with those frequencies. If I am emitting a high frequency vibration I would attract other beings who also have high energy vibrations (angels, ascended masters). When similar vibrational beings are close to each other they serve to strengthen one another, let’s say we ‘nourish’ each other. By the same token, if I am emitting a lower vibrational frequency then I will attract lower vibrational beings, entities. These entities are also nourished by the energy I emit as long as it is close to their own vibrational level. So in a sense, I am an energetic buffet for interdimensional beings!

As an interdimensional buffet table the energy you put out is like food, and the beings you attract are like customers. Now of course whichever customer is eating food off your buffet is going to have a vested interest in you continuing to offer that particular ‘food’. That customer may even tell some of his friends so they too can sample from your delicious buffet table. Now that these customers have found such a wonderful buffet, they will do whatever they can to keep this buffet open, just the way they like it. This does not make them good or bad, it is just the way it is. These customers can eat as much as they want and it does not deplete your main store of energies. They are not taking energy from you directly, they are only taking what you emit, or put out on the table.

If we are in a state of Love and Compassion we attract customers who are high vibrational beings, like angels or ascended masters. These beings wish to assist us as we choose to stay in this frequency of Love and Compassion, not just because it is good for us, but also because it benefits them. The food (energy) we put out on the table helps to strengthen and nourish them. If you have ever played with tuning forks you know that if you tap one to cause it to vibrate and then bring it within close proximity to another tuning fork that is the same, it will cause the other one to vibrate without even touching it. Together the two tuning forks create a stronger sound than just one. This is what I mean when I say the ‘customers’ energy is strengthened by our ‘food’.

If we are worried, frustrated, or fearful we attract customers who are lower in vibrational frequencies. The food (energy) we put on the table strengthens them. They are very pleased to have such a wonderful source of food. They will do whatever they can to support this new source of food. These tricky customers are not going to give up easily.

Now that you are aware of your status as an energetic buffet table, what type of energy are you putting on your table? Are you attracting the ‘customers’ you would like to attract or do you need to change the menu? The first step to creating the buffet table of your dreams is becoming aware of the existence of the table. The second step is to become conscious of the type of food you have been putting on your table, and then to consciously choose the type of food you will continue to put on your table.

If you like your current customers, thank them for coming and invite them to stick around. If you don’t like you current customers lovingly, but firmly tell them you are changing the menu and this particular buffet is now CLOSED.

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Kathy Karlander is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer, teacher, and author known nationally and internationally for her work. Her greatest gift lies in her ability to facilitate spiritual awakening and growth in her clients while guiding them to a stronger sense of self-empowerment. She specializes in the Akashic Records and EMF Balancing Technique®, and guided meditation CDs. Visit her website at www.SacredInsights.com to find out more! Now you can listen to Kathy broadcast live at Contacttalkradio.com every Tuesday from 2- 3 pm EST.

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