People strong in Earth are empathic, generous, cooperative, diplomatic, and dependable. All essential qualities to a balanced, rich life.

The area of the feng shui grid that houses Earth energy is the center "square" when you overlay the nine equal squares of the feng shui tic-tac-toe board on your floor plan. It is known as the Nurturing Area.

The symbol for this area is the sun, as life can only exist with its nurturing energy.

The most important parts of the home to assess regarding Nurturing/Earth energy are the Kitchen and the Family Room. Are they warmly inviting?

One way you can know if others find your Kitchen and Family Room inviting is if they hang out there. If they don't, it's not.

This may mean the furniture isn't as comfortable to them as it may be to you. Or the furniture may be comfortable, it just doesn't look comfortable. It could be the arrangement of the furniture. The lighting may be too strong, too weak, too glarey. Or perhaps, if you're very Earthy, there are so many accessories the eye has nowhere to rest.

The gentlest way to add Earth is through color. Earth colors are browns, yellows, peach, and taupe.

If you're low in Earth energy, consider starting a collection. A person strong in Wood will collect something useful like key chains or night lights. If you're strong in Metal you will be relieved to know a collection can be made up of as few as three items. Natural crystals selected for metaphysical reasons, first, and their beauty second, comprise a Watery collection.

Another aspect of Earth energy is groundedness. In feng shui this means furniture that looks heavy or is made of stone materials. Overstuffed sofas qualify. As do granite countertops, although the color of the granite may tip their elemental balance to another element.

The essence of a person strong in Earth is their deep and abiding desire for others to feel comfortable. Their biggest challenge is nurturing themselves, first. They love to feed people. People strong in Earth will have more serving dishes, platters, trays, and entertaining paraphernalia that people strong in the other four elements, combined.

Since the center of the grid is also where the Present time resides, it is important to look at what is in the center of your home, the Kitchen and Family Room. Do the items there support your Present life? Or does they tie you to your past? Are you reminded of your current and future goals or "ancient history"?

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