The word Abundance expresses "more" and evokes the idea of surplus, excess, or having a large quantity. It is the opposite of scarcity or being scarce.

When people think of abundance, they usually think of having a surplus of money. However, abundance can mean having a surplus in a variety of areas like emotional and spiritual.

When people focus on attracting abundance and prosperity, they mainly focus on creating financial abundance and for good reasons. Try living for a month without any money to buy food or pay for shelter.

While wealth is one area to manifest abundance, it is not the only area to have abundance. There are many who have enough money to buy just about anything they want, yet they are still unfulfilled. That is because they lack abundance in the other areas of their lives.

Although though focusing on financial abundance is important, one should also focus on other abundances to be truly satisfied and live a fulfilled life.

Let's discuss the other areas of abundance one can enjoy and improve on.

Mental Abundance - Mental abundance is about having an abundance mentality. It is realizing that there is no scarcity in this world, and that there really is enough resource in the world to go around. A mentally abundant person is not driven by a fear of lack or loss, so they don't act in desperation. They can enjoy the present moment and be able to give and be generous.

Emotional Abundance - Emotional abundance means one is fully human, they feel love, joy, and other positive emotions that make a person happy. It means possessing emotions that bring about a balance in one's humanity. An emotionally abundant person will have more space in his heart to accept the shortcomings of other people.

Physical Abundance - Physical abundance is about having good health and physical fitness. It means absence of sickness and disease or being able to heal the body when it is confronted with such disease.

This is one form of abundance people take for granted the most. When people are healthy, they do not appreciate just how fantastic good health is. It is one of those things that money can't always buy. And when you lack physical abundance, it limits you in more ways than being short in financial, mental, or emotional abundance ever could.

Spiritual Abundance - For the purpose of this article, spiritual abundance is not about religion or your beliefs. It has to do with passion and enjoying what you do. Having spiritual abundance means delighting your soul and connecting to something bigger than yourself.

So, these are some of the examples of abundance, besides financial, one can have and develop. As you learned from the wealth example, having prosperity in one area can still leave you feeling unfulfilled and empty. This is why it is important to work on enjoying all areas of abundance and prosperity in your life.

Every person has enough in life; some have financial, health, or emotional abundance. It is just that as people, we tend to focus only on the area where we have the least amount of abundance. To truly enjoy abundance and prosperity in your life, build on areas where you lack abundance and learn to appreciate the abundance you already have. Whatever it is you possess, learn to appreciate it and use it wisely.

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