"For me, the most attractive woman is the person who is at peace with herself."
Javier Bardem, Actor

There is so much pressure from the media, peers and ourselves to look slim, cleverly dressed in up-to-date fashions, have the perfect relationship, the most admired career and the list goes on. We are encouraged to seek validation of our self worth from outside stimuli on a regular basis. It is a constant distraction.

After awhile, it becomes weary to "show up" in a certain way. I find many people that I coach have lost connection to their true self because they seek answers from sources outside of themselves. It is tempting to look for validation and for answers anywhere else than ourselves. Instead of confronting our inner thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, we think it is easier to change our weight, our clothes, our hairstyle, our partner, our home etc.

Do you use errands, projects, meetings, emergencies, dramas, crises, upsets and/or intellectual arguments to keep yourself occupied? These types of distractions keep you busy so that you have little time and energy left to be with your self. However,if you would just take some quiet time, such as driving without music, to honestly face what is troubling you, you will get the insights you need to clear and release the negative feelings you have created.

Peace is an inside job. As Alan Cohen writes in his book,A Deep Breath of Life: "Doing more in the outer world will not result in more peace; only being more will get us what we want. Peace is attained by letting go of everything that distracts us from it.Step back from your busy-ness and look within, where you will find everything you have ever sought in the outer world and more."

May you feel more attractive, sexy, beautiful and confident by tuning inside instead of outside to find the peace that really is what being here is all about.

All is well.

Cynthia Christianson
Self-Help Coach
Avanti Coaching

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia has been a certified personal and professional coach for over 10 years. She received her certification from Coach U. Cynthia focuses on bringing emotional relief, healing of physical pain and the waking up from beliefs that block success, joy and healthy relationships.She is trained in The Body Transcendent work, Focusing, Certified Theta Healer and Core Belief repatterning.

She offers a free newsletter and information about her coaching sessions at her website: www.avanticoaching.com.