Entrepreneur Lost: A candid confession of a true entrepreneur once lost in achievement and entrepreneurial grandiose.

Who are Entrepreneurs and how do you become an entrepreneur?

Is there an entrepreneur definition?What does it mean to be an entrepreneur, a capitalist,an industrialist? What does it mean? Are you a business man or business woman? Is there a difference? Is an entrepreneur an artist? Is an entrepreneur free? What are the functions and the activities of entrepreneur?

When I think of an entrepreneur I think of a warrior for free enterprise. Does free enterprise exist as an entity or is free enterprise the rooster tail of the entrepreneurial mind. Which is cause and which is effect? How is it that, what seems like a mess to some, seems to an entrepreneur, a business opportunity?

What is an Entrepreneur?

According to entrepreneur start up magazines I have read there are many new home business ideas, business consulting services, profit consulting entrepreneurial opportunities, there are home based business entrepreneurs who use the internet, and countless other names, labels, and boxes that we are putting these spirited startups in today. Apparently there is no certain education needed to be an entrepreneur. I have an uncle who is an outgoing christian entrepreneur.

The SBA and their definition or, characteristics of an entrepreneur are entertaining. I see a well formed and defined box when I read there researched reality. My view of the entrepreneur is biased to my own experience, I think that entitles me to say my knowledge of being and entrepreneur is thus and so.

An Entrepreneurial Moment

I walked down a sidewalk on a sunny day in 1997, I took a deep breath and said with my mind and my breath and my posture OK this is it I am doing this. I am in business. My life at the time was an unorganized mess. I had floundered, flailed, and flopped.

That very day, with that very breath like an inward sigh, I seemly inhaled a spirit of independent empowerment. I will do this. From that point I was an entrepreneur. Each morning I got up and did whatever made sense. I put business cards anywhere I saw a thumbtack, crevice or crack that would secure my proud offering.

An older man called me one day and mentioned he found a card of mine; we had a brief conversation and decided we may as well meet. I secured my first contract and was on my way. The first project I took was not exactly an entrepreneurs dream situation and it certainly was not mine. It was a nasty job. It was messy and it was tough. I did not have a lot of competition. A job no one else wanted. That was my target market in the beginning.

Entrepreneurs reading this may recall first realizing what their target market was. It felt like I had found a secret. I was what I like to refer to as a real entrepreneur. I had one year of college, I was not, by far, a business man wise in wealth. I made a decision I would be free and then I stepped into my decision and a new life lay before me. My target market continued to evolve as my entrepreneurial awareness grew more acute.

Entrepreneurial Adventure

In seven short years that business grew from a decision and literally, no contacts, to a multimillion dollar enterprise that employed over thirty people and was a branded force to be reckoned with in the industry.

I grew up in that business. It taught me who I was and who I was not. It taught me about the motives and motivations of a young man. I learned truths that previously were totally hidden to me. Entrepreneurial Insight I suppose. I learned about people and why they did what they did. I learned about business structure and business models and the gross failings of each.

I believe that once a person lives in the realm of the entrepreneur life takes on a whole different meaning. I could suddenly relate with the pioneers, the revolutionaries, the leaders. I read books about Lincoln , and power and getting along with others. I read about people like me. I did not know at the time they were like me and how we were brothers in bravery. I was humbled by all the information recorded by those brave souls who experience their own sunny sidewalk day and that breath that filled the sail of there entrepreneurial spirit.

An Entrepreneurs Confession

What motivated me as an entrepreneur was freedom. I unwittingly engaged in a battle that I was unprepared, unwilling, and under invested to fight. A fight for my fellow man. I was continually, playing advocate, fighting for the freedom of people who neither new it existed nor wanted any part of it. I stepped swiftly from the new freedom I found in the entrepreneurial playground into, a series of sacrificial decisions to give people the freedom they would do anything to avoid.

My original path as an entrepreneur led me to this most precious truth. This is a truth that, while it was worth it, cost me several million dollars, several years of my life, and a number of relationships that would have been otherwise rewarding. That truth is this, I am not responsible to, nor am I able to give anyone their freedom. That would imply that I in fact possess it.

What is the role of an entrepreneur?

The only thing I can do is give an opportunity. Not an opportunity with bait, or an opportunity with a guarantee. Just an opportunity. I tried to talk, tell and explain the great opportunity that each employee of that company had. I even did it on a one on one basis. An opportunity may as well been a toothache because no body was interested. They wanted equality. They wanted everything to be the same. They wanted things to be fair. It is not like they wanted to be paid to breath, well that depended on where they were standing. All I can Do As An Entrepreneur is Offer an Opportunity.

I have learned I can not force freedom on people. That is not what being an entrepreneur is all about. The only logical conclusion that I am left with is this:

By acquiring my own freedom, I can only hope to inspire them to acquire their own as well. I am my own master. And today the master has set me free.

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