Divine Mother
Morning Star.

Traces of the universal feminine goddess~ the divine mother, also known as Amma, Tara, and Mary, are found the world over. She is known universally for her remarkable compassion, deep inner wisdom, and exuberant passion.

Many women today have realized their inner connection to the divine mother. These enlightened women reflect her in that they have fantastic spiritual powers, possess incredible strength, and are very aware of their selves and their emotions. A woman who has developed this connection knows very well how to take care of her self. She cannot be manipulated, defined, or ever entirely known.

She has a vigilence that reaches everywhere that her heart desires. She is a queen healer who is full of vitality and outgoing with a graceful spirit. She balances perfectly a tender expression with untouchable strength. Her innate awareness of experiential mysticism allows a wise perspective of the universal laws and blessings of life. She provides spiritual nourishment, just as a mother does for a newborn child. This great source of energy welling within can be transmitted to others that she has selected to share her blessings with. She knows very well how to show others the way to awaken these developed inner powers within, liberating them. She can be appealed to for any difficulty or problem.

This empowered woman is a delight to be around. She has a passionate attraction and insatiable lust for those who have won her favor by meeting her requirements. A man’s inward alignment with a Divine woman toward enlightenment can facilitate his ability to achieve higher vibrant states through her reflected energy, peace, and love. By sharing her secrets of love, she can bestow transcendental power on her lover.

Seeing all of the lessons that brought her to her current strength and wisdom, she embraces the fullness of her experience and does not regret any of her past. Seeing her divinity, she respects and admires the divinity in all women. The beauty in her sisters reminds her of her own radiance.

Author's Bio: 

Danielle Marie Crume is the founder of Aham Prema and lead designer of the Daily Seed Planner. She is passionate about growth, love, service, and injoyment. A writer, photographer, organizational guru, and designer, she is always learning about something and seeking ways to bring more of her cherished understandings into the world for those searching for them while continuously expanding.