As a public speaker you MUST know what you’re talking about. That might seem obvious, but it’s amazing the number of speakers who really don’t have a clue about their subject.

How is this possible?

Well, someone, somewhere said, “Why don’t you come talk to our group.”

“What should I talk about?”

“We really need something motivational. You know, come in and pump us up. Can you do that?”

“Sure. After all I’m a speaker, I can speak on anything!”

If only that were true.

Because of the rapidly expanding intellectual depth and breadth of our society we are all becoming dumber by the second. It is becoming increasingly difficult to speak on just any subject.

So don’t speak on ANYthing. Speak on YOUR thing. Develop a on going education about a particular subject. Then share that education with others.

You’ve probably picked up by now that my on-going learning is communication ~ primary speaking. Through this letter, resources, coaching, consulting, and speaking I share this education.

My other ongoing search is in the area of personal growth. Through Exponential
Development I help men and women achieve personal success in all areas of life faster than they dreamed possible.

Those are two focuses out of the thousands available.

What will you choose? Where would you like to stake your claim? But even if you choose not to put down a stake, and select a temporary marker instead following this trail…


Whether you’re speaking for a one time event, or deciding on earning extra income, begin to accumulate knowledge.

* Collect newspaper and magazine articles.
* Write down quotes relating to your topic.
* Question a known authority in the field.
* Read every book available. Make notes and
review them often.
* Listen to tapes on your subject.


When you gain new knowledge, share it with whoever is willing to listen. I have several friends I constantly bounce ideas against. Since we’re generally interested in the same subjects they serve as great sounding boards.

If they think the idea is bad, they tell me.

Find a couple of trusted advisors to share your knowledge nuggets with.

The key is continuing your continuing education. No one ever knows it all. But we can seek new knowledge to share and enrich the lives of listeners.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Evans is the creator of Instant Speaking Success, which is a public speaking system to get take you from dull to dynamic.