Part 1 - "What is the #1 cause of public speaking fear? Perception."

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1. What is the "perception" you fear?

2. What could you put in place or present that would influence that perception?

For example: The Unknown Speaker

Speakers bury themselves under the weight of "What right do I have to speak on this topic?" "No one here knows me." "I'm not an expert." "What if someone here knows more about the topic than I do?"

What steps could be taken to lighten this particular fear? Position yourself as an expert or a least knowledgeable about the topic.

Here's ONE option...

1. Set up a website for the speech being given. For $25 you could get a domain name and hosting for a year! Cheap Web Hosting Not a website for you, but one ONLY for the speech you're giving.

2. Place your notes from your speech on the site. Place links to articles related to the speech - or write them yourself. You could even become an affiliate of some products and get paid for your recommendations when people purchase.

3. During your speech say something along the lines of, "If I'm moving too fast don't get frustrated. I've created a website dedicated solely to the topic we're exploring today."

If you're in the audience and hear the speaker mention a website (a book, a white paper, a seminar) that he/she created specifically for the topic what would you think?


The speaker/presenter may know nothing more than how to hire a college student to build a site on a topic, but in the audience's eyes the speaker become "positioned."

What? That seems like a lot of WORK to control perception or fear? You were hoping that a few deep breaths would solve the problem? Maybe some meditation?

Remember, that's just ONE option. Adapt the principle, not necessarily the technique.

In part 3: How to Avoid Being a Speaker

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Paul Evans

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Paul Evans is the developer of Instant Speaking Success. His speaking career began with a 6th grade speech and he's crammed 25 years of experience into his training.