On the whole every site owner can be in a situation, when site software needs new functions and possibilities. This may happen on two reasons:

1) Dating Site is developing, there’s a desire to make it more profitable on the basis of new services for site users, and site software does not allow adding those services.

2) Initially software was chosen incorrectly and after the site is running you get feedback from site visitors. Checking statistics on site visits and users activity you understand that your software does not answer your Dating Business parameters

There might be three alternatives to solve this question:

1) Update your dating software. Firstly, that would require extra payment. Secondly, there’s no guarantee that such a version exists and in includes all necessary features you need (it especially concerns free dating site software)

2) You can do a customization work for your software and add necessary features. This will also require extra charge (approximately $50 per hour). Moreover, software vendor might not offer a customization service and you would need to look for a person who could make the changes.

3) Change the software into another one. But this variant may also have some issues: additional charges may be also involved. Besides, your site has a database of users and you would need to transfer them somehow.

This situation looks fatal only at a first sight. Even changing the software may be profitable and it’s real!
If you change your software into PG Dating Pro Software you can get a discount of 20% for the software license price. Besides, you’ll get a Basic Database Transfer service (main user data transfer) or 50% discount for Advanced Database Transfer (total information that is possible to transfer).

Basic Transfer — 200 USD.

It includes transfer of Logins, passwords, search criteria of your users. Number of users in database doesn’t matter; Minimum structure of the database. Possibility to transfer the user uploads (upon personal discussion as it depends on the format of uploaded files that you have in your database).

Advanced Transfer (Price is available after detailed estimation).

Transfer of All technically possible data from your database. The amount depends on the number of users, Database structure, percentage of co-relation of your database structure with our PG Dating database structure.

In conclusion we would like to say some words about PG Dating Pro itself: Professional dating site software, flexible structure and User-friendly website design, software vendor is working more then 5 years at this market, guarantees 100% Free support and Free installation, Free trial and Online demo, Installation instructions and user manuals, Hosting, Customization, Design Template integration services and much more.

Even changing the software engine may be profitable with PG Dating Pro! Go for it!

Author's Bio: 

Julia Dorofeeva , Support and sales director specializing in Matchmaking Site webdevelopment