Would you like to use your intuition to make better decisions for yourself, your family and the world? If so here are some tips on dealing with the challenges living an intuitive life brings. Inner guidance can be extremely helpful, so it's worth learning how to overcome the challenges of intuitive living.

The Recognition Challenge: Do you ever have a gut feeling that you do not listen to, only to regret it later? If so, it may be that you are not recognizing your intuitive guidance when it is speaking to you. Guidance will come to you in physical feelings, such as a feeling in the pit of your stomach. Guidance comes in day dreams, dreams while asleep, and words you read in books and on billboards that all of a sudden jump out as if to say, "Hello, I am talking to YOU." Be on the alert for messages.

Your intuition can speak through music. You may hear the same song seven times one day and the lyrics have a message for you.

The Comparison Challenge: If you tell yourself that intuitive talent belongs to a select few, stop it because you are wrong! Many of my clients say, "I wish I was as intuitive as you and my friend Nancy." I respond, "There is no reason why you cannot be as intuitive as I am. You have to believe and accept that intuition is a Divine gift given to each human being." Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on your own intuitive powers.

The Disbelief Challenge: In many cultures, imagination has a bad reputation if it extends farther than the creative arts. This is sad, because intuition speaks to us through imagination. You may find yourself day dreaming about a problem and the solution appears. Before you discard an idea because it was part of a fantasy, look at what your imaginary story may be trying to tell you. Most of us accept that it is possible to receive solutions to problems when we have dreams during our sleep. We also receive guidance through fantasies, called waking dreams. Let's stop giving day dreams such a bad rap!

The Challenge of Separating Anxiety from Intuition: If your intuition tells you that you better not get on the plane because it is going to crash, should you get on the plane? You need to ask yourself, "Is my anxiety speaking to me or is my inner guidance bringing me this message?" I cannot tell you the number of times I have felt I should not get on a plane and yet have taken the flight and arrived safely at my destination. Separating anxiety from intuition is the most difficult challenge we face when we choose to lead an intuitive life. This huge challenge causes many to turn off their intuition because they cannot cope when trying to evaluate the validity of an intuitive message.

How can you tell the difference between anxiety and intuition? I have noticed that when my anxiety is speaking to me, I feel very emotional and fearful. When my intuition is speaking to me, the message feels like a cool breeze gently enfolding me. Even when the message is a warning, I still feel very calm.

The Disclosure Challenge: To tell or not to tell, that is the question! Have you ever shared your great intuitive hits with a loved one, only to be scoffed at or told that your imagination is running wild? With all due respect to our loved ones, they do not always understand those of us on the intuitive path. If you know your significant other is not going to be receptive to your intuitions, perhaps it's better to share your thoughts with a friend who is more receptive. Forget about saying things to your significant other such as, "Did you notice the way Judy was talking about her marriage? I have a hunch that she is thinking about getting a divorce." While you may be correct, your partner may not want to hear this. When Judy starts filing for divorce, you will know you were right, but no one else will. Big deal! Learn to accept that it is often better to keep your intuitive hits to yourself. You do not have to leave your significant other or separate from your family. Just accept that each individual is unique. There are people who are not as interested in intuitive guidance as you are.

The Risk Management Challenge: My Dad was an extremely intuitive man. He said, "Listen to your first gut reaction and then find the data to support it." This is great advice for us all. When you have an intuitive feeling that you should sell your house at a certain price, talk to several real estate agents to see if your intuition can be verified. If you have a hunch you should walk into a certain bookstore because there is a book you should read, go in and check it out. My inner voice guides me to a bookstore and once in the store, I allow my intuition to guide me to the correct book shelf. Then I close my eyes, and let my hands find a book. When I open my eyes and see the book, it is always an important book for me to investigate.

If your inner guidance speaks about an important medical or financial decision, manage the risk of following your intuition by getting the data to support your intuitive hunch. I would not make important decisions without input from several sources: my intuitive guidance and input from professionals related to the kind of decision I need to make. And even though I am a psychic, I sometimes have readings with psychics. I look at the opinion a psychic might give me as a second opinion. My opinion has to come first. I will always consider everything a good and reputable psychic says to me, even if we disagree. But ultimately I know that I have to make my own decision.

The Personal Power Failure Challenge: You have been encouraged to seek professional advice when making important decisions. But it is equally important that you be encouraged to hold onto your power, and not let people who are uniformed about a decision you have to make, convince you to do what they think you should do. For instance, do you let your best friends or family members run your life? We often let people who do not even understand the situation we are involved in convince us to do what they want simply because we love them. In a case like this, we are giving our own personal power to our loved ones. This is a "no-no!" Keep your personal power voltage high so that when someone tries to overpower you, you have enough power to hold your own.

Open your intuitive gifts and receive the wondrous guidance available. When you have visions, let them speak to you. However, remember this is a package deal, and we have to accept the challenges. Hold on to your personal power and you can learn to walk the intuitive path in order to make better decisions for yourself and for the world.

©2009 Carole Lynne, author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

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Carole Lynne is the author of Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. She is also the author of the award winning book Consult Your Inner Psychic, and How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium. To learn more about Carole Lynne visit carolelynnecosmicconnection.com or www.carolelynne.com