How many times have you heard someone say “because everybody is doing it” when you ask him/her a certain question?

It’s the most popular answer among teenagers; their excuse in doing something is that everyone is doing it and so it can't be wrong, right?

Are They Happy?

Well, what’s really funny is that if you take a look at the people you're referring to, and actually saw how they're living their lives, you'd find that it isn't really wise to follow their lead. Just walk the streets and see for yourself how people are coping with their lives; then ask yourself the following few questions:

* Are they happy? Or are most of them unsatisfied and disappointed?
* Do you find everyone singing and whistling when driving to work, or do you find that most of them are cursing the traffic jam and each other?
* Do you see everybody achieving all they have ever dreamed of, or do you find that most of them failed to do so?
* Do you find everybody healthy and in form? Or you do find that most of the them are slim or overweight?

Now after you have answered these questions, do you still think that you should do something because everybody is doing it?

Follow the Successful

I'm not saying that everyone is unhappy or unsatisfied with their lives, just that many of the people that you're following aren't worthy of being followed. If you want to follow someone's lead, try to make it a successful person. These people aren't a dime a dozen, in fact, they're almost hard to find!

Blindly acting like everyone, without even thinking if you like that behaviour or not is a strong sign of a lack of self confidence. You should only do what you feel like doing, and not what everyone else is doing. Be yourself, not a follower!!

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