Original Intention on Earth is for us beings (humans and others) to interact with the medium being Love. By exchanging Love.

We are meant to exchange energy with one another by means of Love. We're meant to interact, give back and forth, evaluate one another by, see the world through...Love.

How do we interact primarily with each other today? Through what? Money. We give back and forth, evaluate one another, see the world through...primarily Money.

Money has replaced Love as the primary medium of exchange on Earth.

This does not make money "evil", it's just a fact that we are now in a place where we've ended up replacing Love with money for the most part. Love is still the only real thing necessary to survive and thrive but energy in the form of Money has become more important than Love for most of us. We trust money more than Love at this point for survival. Having exchanged Love for money as the medium of exchange we've also opened Earth up to the reality of unloving ness. This occurs when money is being used as power without Love backing it up. Some people say our money needs to be "backed" by the gold standard again. That would be a good step in the right direction perhaps. I say it needs to be backed by Love again!

We've all heard it said that "The love of money is the root of all evil". This became dangerously twisted to "Money is the root of all evil" , which made us spiritual types avoid money all together, which only made us still disconnected from a full relationship with God and then poor on top of it! Not a good situation. But the of money does create problems because it creates "feedback" in the energy system. We (as little gods) are the source of the energy of love inside the Creation. God/the Unnameable/Source/FatherMother is the source of Everything, the big Love. This Love has to come from the big Love-God first and then through us in order for the organism, system, earth, universe, to function "lovingly". When we put something else besides God-Love first the system starts feeding on itself and eventually drains itself of all energy and dies. This is like the "feedback" that occurs with electric amplifiers and is why musicians can toy with the feedback but they can't let it accelerate and feed as much as it wants because then the amplifier will blow up. This is as it should be. Inappropriate "feedback" in any system eventually kills it. Love of money is killing our hearts, (leading cause of death in the US is heart disease!) it's killing our souls and eventually will kill the whole system if we don't step in and interrupt the "feedback", feeding on itself that is occurring in our current model for civilization. This has happened in other civilizations, Atlantis, Greece, the Roman Empire and we are headed the same way. It has also happened on a larger scale where a whole planet has been destroyed. The Asteroid Belt in our solar system are the remnants of a planet named Maldek that literally blew itself up. Mars the god of War is in the collective consciousness right now (no surprise there). Many souls on earth today have had lives on Mars in the past. We lived there. We created a self contained system that protected itself by "star wars" type weaponry in space. Mars sealed itself off from the rest of the universe and after hundreds of thousands of years these weapons eventually turned on the planet itself and all biological life was wiped out on Mars. Some beings escaped through jumping forward in time and came to earth in the civilization that was Atlantis and there they started the pyramid building and energy weapon technology again, which eventually sank Atlantis as well. (This is the short version of the fascinating story). You can read all of this real history of life in our solar system yourself by tapping into the Akashic records, a sort of supercomputer that stores all information in the created universe. The point is, systems destroy themselves by feeding on themselves when leaving Love out of the loop. Every teacher who's ever come has taught this. "The whole of the Law is Love." (Christ) Do we want to destroy another planet again with Earth? love

Money becomes LOVE!

(When we mix our Love with it.)

Seers and saints through the ages that have seen the unloving use of money have tried to communicate this need for relying on Love primarily and not relying on money primarily. Their messages have been twisted and misunderstood that somehow it was spiritual to not be involved with money (at least not openly) and it's an old misunderstanding that God or real spirituality and money don't go together. This then means that we refuse the "frozen" love that has become money if we're "spiritual". How can we "unfreeze" the Love trapped in the money if we won't interact with it? Some spiritual traditions have became so fanatic that their leaders won't even touch money physically. And the law of Spiritual physics is: Anything you judge and have an unconscious emotional/mental reaction to ties up some of your energy until you forgive/allow/don't judge it. All you have to do is walk through the endless corridors of treasure in the Vatican to see how much wealth our religious leaders actually amassed in their denial of openly allowing money to be a piece of God, to be part of Love. And all that accumulated treasure is just what they show publicly!

So how do we change money back into Love? How do we re-infuse money with Love?...so that our money will do loving things for us and the earth?

Let's let the money come in as a gift from God and then let's perform alchemy and start transforming the money back into Love. Let's do loving things for our money, let's buy loving things with our money, let's exchange it with Love with each other. Then money really can buy you Love!

I was struck by how when exchanging my money for products at the store with the "cash-ier" (love-ier ?) that we don't exchange love or energy between our hearts and souls. We keep ourselves separate mentally and emotionally and then we exchange money. The only exchange taking place is with the money.

So let us start exchanging money with each other with some love mixed in with it...and then add some more....and then some more love...and then some more love...and then some more...and then...one day there will be no need for money and only Love will be left.

As it was meant to be in the Beginning.


Walk in(g) Through my Walls

Walk in(g) through my walls,

into my life,

Melt my veils,

Merge the Worlds in me.

Near and Dear,

It becomes

A simple human process,

Easy as ABC,

The Child's Play.

Gone are the realms of "The Mysteries",

The "Sacred CereMon(e)y", the keys, the locks

and their gatekeeper priests.

My veil is torn asunder.

I meet You at the Pic-and-Save

as you smile

And give my Change.

I love you, want to tell you

everything will be alright,

Yes, you say, and love me back.

copyright 2001(c) Tobias Lars from "Shackled Gods"

Author's Bio: 

While attending undergraduate school Tobias Lars had an awakening experience where the energy centers of the body opened up and spontaneously reactivated ancient yogic energy practices. This happened without any work. The Yogic 'Asanas' - the postures came back to the conscious awareness and he felt other lifetimes of practicing yoga. As he did each posture they felt like a key unlocking energy grids in the body that had been previously locked and these energies were then released and flooded through the body. These powerful effects were undeniable to his young western scientific mind.

That Started a 25 year journey of spiritual study. Tobias spent time in India with a master teacher, studied shamanic practices with Native American free beings, heart centered Tantra, ego confrontation, the path of divine romantic love and with the help of a mentor opened back up to the energies of the nature kingdom of Pan and the Devic Kingdom.

During this time Tobias Lars also received a Masters Degree in International Business and founded ventures in international business. A few years later another series of 'wake up calls' came through business 'failure', divorce and bankruptcy. He next spent a period of 5 years away from the day to day world going through another level of awakening of the soul. Much of what he believed and thought he 'knew' - especially ideas of what spirituality really was - and what was previously held as reality, was transformed-exploded-shifted.

Spirit has shared simple, direct ways in assisting others in awakening to contact with their own souls and the divine.

Soul counseling & The Sanctuary for Souls & Awakening Souls Course is his wish and contribution for assisting others who wish this same awakening of their souls.