You may not think that it is an easy transition from suffering and wallowing in your negative emotions to being at peace with positive feelings but if you could see what I see and knew what I know you would reach for your fork whenever you get upset. Tuning forks can assist in releasing the negative energies to allow for positive feelings. You can view this happening by looking at my photos on my website.

If you don’t own a tuning fork you can just say your “CUE” or “TAP” yourself on the meridian spots. Whenever I leave home, in addition to my American Express card, I bring my Vogel crystal and my two favorite tuning forks with me. I keep them in my car because I can usually treat any negative emotion that may come up during the day. If my grandsons have the sniffles on the way to school, my hair dresser is upset about family drama, social workers, hospice patients, or homebound clients I regularly visit, have a swollen knee or other body pain, I am fully equipped with my “Energy Psychology Tool Box” and my tuning forks. I have now become known affectionately as “Mother Forker” at the many places I visit; not to be confused with a similar title I had when I ran J & R Flooring Inc. and had to get the carpet installers out every day to the right location with the correct carpet.

My “Energy Psychology Tool Box” only contains crystals and tuning forks. The reason I have so little in my tool box is that the body has the ability to heal itself. For instance, if you cut yourself, your body is using its innate wisdom to immediately send an army of white blood cells to that area to fight infection and begin the healing process. This is true even if you are in a coma. Using key meridians points and the subconscious mind to navigate your way through a stressful day is as easy as opening a window to let the smoke out when you burned the dinner. With doctor appointments becoming out of the financial reach of us “regular folks”, it is time to learn alternative healing methods and take responsibility for the things we “can change” by acquiring knowledge.

We cannot change all things but we need to focus on those we can. Energy Psychology is totally based in “Acceptance” as is the Buddhist Faith. This is best expressed in the “Serenity Prayer” It is the prayer you learned if you had a parent in “Alcoholics Anonymous”. It is the prayer they say at “AA” meetings.

“God, grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I
cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can and
the wisdom to know the difference”.

The serenity prayer made a great deal of sense to me; it has clear instructions. “Wisdom to know the difference between what I can and cannot change”; wow, a prayer with instructions a nine year old could understand. I first heard this serenity prayer right before I saw the movie about Norman Vincent Peale; The Power of Positive Thinking. The first line of the prayer is “Accept the things I cannot change”.

“I deeply and completely accept myself even if I do not want to get better” are the words that saved my life in 2001. I have been teaching how and why this worked every day of my life since, and probably will be forever. When I am asked to speak, the first question is; What would you like to speak about? My answer is always the same; tapping, Energy Psychology and tuning forks. I seem to have a one track mind; “We have the power to heal ourselves”.

The tuning fork is not necessary but if you can afford one the cost is about forty dollars. It will take a few hours to learn how to use it. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make. The forks I use are the planetary tones of the Earth. The most important tone “OM”, 136.10 Hz, is also the sound used by ancient cultures like India. This is the sound that is the safest because it will bring whatever is out of balance back into balance but can do “no harm”. The body remembers this sound as the sound of Homeostasis. Candice Pert PhD states that sound is the fastest way to open the receptors of the cells. This sound connects us with our soul and helps us remember who we truly are. When the tuning fork is placed on the skin, the largest organ of the body, it instantly begins to detoxify us. If you think you are nothing more than a group of cells, without a soul, this sound will mean nothing to you. However, if you know you are a soul with a connection to the Divine, this is a sound you will remember on a soul level.

The other tone or frequency I use is the 172.06 Hz. This is the sound the earth makes in its 26,000 year cosmic journey through the solar system. Its frequency, when combined with the OM, is very calming and sedating and connects us to the most spiritual realms. China has always used this spiritual frequency to tune its instruments. It takes you out of fear and allows you to release frustrations and judgments. I watch my nine year old grandsons treat themselves with tuning forks through the rear view mirror as I drive them to school. I only have to hand them a map of the meridian points for the stomach ache or cough they initially were hoping to get out of school for that day.

I promise you that Sound is the root of all healing. So the next time you hear someone say “Go Fork Yourself”, it may be very Sound advice.

Emotional Sound Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Be Set Free Fast all have free downloads available on their websites that explain the techniques thoroughly and at a basic level for clear understanding. What are you waiting for? You have the power to heal yourself…NOW.

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