I could stand on my pedastal and state I never have thoughts of envy, greed or jealousy but I would be lying. So sue me if my humanity is showing! I am comfortable with who I am my words and actions align with my intent of compassion and loving kindness most of the time occasionally my inner child jumps up to be noticed but to the most part I do okay. I do not find it necessary to beat myself up when I get the odd twinge of envy or jealousy do not think I am any less of a spiritual person.

And this is where I think I part company with a lot of New Age thought. I believe to be an authentic person you have to acknowledge and accept when your humanity is showing. Do I get envious on the odd occasion but the difference is I acknowledge the thought bring in back into alignment with who I am and let it go. I don’t stand in the light of self deception just to prove I am more ‘enlightened’ than most. In fact I would dare to add those who step away from what makes them human are more in the dark than the light.

Religious doctrine is littered with thou shalt feel guilty for being anything less than perfect. Don’t have a thought outside of what is considered pure and if you do don’t share it outside of the confession box. The spiritual movement has it’s own version except it goes along the lines of only those above their humanity will rise to the higher dimensions of enlightenment.

We burp we fart we blurt out things we wish we could take back we walk through life with our humanity showing in ignorant bliss and that’s okay truly it is. Perfection is highly over rated. You can not live a life where every step is calculated before it is made it simply is not possible. You can not stop being human Mother Teresa is a perfect example of someone caught in the trap of not being able to reveal their humanity. No one knew of her internal struggles until after her death. God forbid she should turn out to be a mere mortal like the rest of us. In fact finding this out about her only makes me love and respect her more.

Strangely enough I bet if you let your humanity slip show a little the people around you will exhale and thank God you are human after all. So just remember everyone you meet is a reflection of some part of you. If you are a little bit jealous or envious chances are you want to have the courage or strength or skills to do what that person has done. When you can acknowledge this you will have valuable insight to help you grow and build your own dreams. Thank those people who bring out your humanity they are the greatest teachers you will ever have.

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