Are there exercises and foods to speed up your metabolism? It’s interesting that while many people know the word “metabolism”, few people actually know what it means. And - many overweight people still blame their weight on a “slow metabolism”.

Quite simply, your metabolism is the speed at which you burn calories! So obviously, if you could speed up your metabolism, it would help you to lose weight – but is it possible? The short answer is, yes! There are many exercises and foods to speed up metabolism. The long answer is that it takes a bit of work.

There are several proven ways to increase your metabolism. What they all have in common is that if you do them regularly, they will speed up your metabolism – not just for a few minutes, but permanently. That means that you will burn more calories all day every day – even when you are asleep! There are a few different ways to increase your metabolism:

High Intensity Exercise:

For years, researchers have been looking at different types of cardio exercise to see which types burn the most calories. And for many years, gyms have been recommending the wrong thing – steady cardio work.

However, when researchers compared high intensity and low intensity workouts, they found that while it took just 51 minutes to burn 500 calories working at high intensity, at low intensity it took 78 minutes! That’s over 50% longer!

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, consider this – an hour after exercise the high-intensity group were still burning almost twice as many calories as the low intensity group, and three hours post exercise they were still burning 24% more .

Weight Training:

Many dieters shy away from weight training – they figure they already weigh enough, why add more? That’s a false notion however, because of one simple reason – the biggest use of calories in your body is fuelling your muscles, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, 24/7.

In addition, researchers at Colorado State University found that 100 minutes of intensive weight training increased fat burning for at least 16 hours – resting fat-burning was 62% higher, while their subjects’ resting metabolic rate had also risen by 4% - the subjects who had done the weight training were burning more calories and more fat just sitting around!

How Do You Build Permanent Motivation to Exercise and Work Out?

The problem for many people is that they simply don’t enjoy working out – they try to force themselves to do it, to get by on sheer willpower, but it’s not enough.

What’s required is a new way of thinking – because if you want to work out, if you feel that exercise is part of who you are and what you want to be, it becomes so much easier.

That requires reprogramming your mind, learning new habits and attitudes. My Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation program can help you, as it did me. It will help you to understand how your thoughts and habits shape who you are, and it will show you how to change them, so you can finally take control of your weight.

There are other tricks that can help you speed up your metabolism – one of the more interesting is drinking green tea! Researchers from the University of Geneva have reported that drinking several cups of green tea per day can increase the number of fat calories you burn – and as an added bonus, it’s much healthier than a soda!

Finally, it’s worth looking at how much protein you eat – dieters on a high protein diet lose more weight than those on a high carb diet, even when they consume the same number of calories.

So, you can see there are some key exercises and foods to speed up your metabolism. My weight loss motivation program can help you turn your discipline into real motivation so that you can ensure you follow these principles!

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