So, you've chosen a show to showcase your business. You've done your homework in researching your chances for success at this show. You know who the targeted audiences and how many attendees are expected, the show's focus, how the show is marketed, where the show is held, who the show hosts are and what their responsiveness and support will be, show restrictions, who the other exhibitors are, and have reserved the best possible location.

Next, you've probably taken into account your show goals, the approach you and your team will take while at the show, and the costs involved.

Now you are ready to create your pre-show marketing plan. Following are areas to define while preparing for your exhibit:

* Creating booth traffic
* Marketing your exhibit
* Show script development
* Lead generation plan

1.Creating Traffic To Your Booth

Aside from what the show hosts have planned in building show attendance, it is still your responsibility to attract qualified buyers to your booth and to achieve your own sales goals. Let me repeat: It is your responsibility to attract qualified buyers to your booth and to achieve your own sales goals.

Let everyone in your sphere of influence know that you are exhibiting and what you're offering at the show. Send information about the show and your booth to show attendees (if a show list or program is available), your customers, your prospects, and the media.

Develop and communicate your value at the show. Use this to create buzz while at the show to attract show attendees

2.Marketing Your Exhibit

There is a host of promotional activities you can partake in to help you achieve your show goals. Most exhibitors will send out a direct mail piece, post announcements on their website, in their newsletter, maybe place an ad in the show program, and stop there feeling that they've done their part in promoting their booth.

Fact is, they've only skimmed the surface in promoting their booth. Remember the value you've developed for yourself to promote at the show. Use this message and blog about it on your webpage and on other blogs. Invite local readers to the show to see you. Use social media websites where you host your profiles and announce where you'll be and what you'll be offering at the show. Create a news worthy story and announce it to the media on the opening day of the show. Make yourself available to be interviewed at your booth. Use your JVs (Joint Ventures: see my article How To Double Your Exposure And Profits By Using Joint Ventures) to advertise and get the word out about your exhibit, your value message and your booth offer. Use your advocates the in the same manner. Ask that they forward your newsletter announcement to their core sphere of influence.

Hopefully this list of opportunities have inspired other ideas of your own.

3.Show Script Development

Now that you've created your booth marketing plan, you're ready to create your show script or sales pitch. Remember to concentrate on your value message during development and delivery. Focus on your features and benefits last. What's the difference?

Here's an example:

Hitachi Cordless Drill DS18DFL comes with a two-piece magnet motor that produces 374 in/lbs of torque ( feature) to power through even the toughest jobs ( benefit) which means that you spendless time( value) fighting with the drill and screws to accomplish your goal.

Include questions to ask in your script that will help you qualify your booth visitors. These questions should be open-ended questions that engage attendees and do not result in - yes/no - answers.

Develop a couple of scripts and test them out. Use the one that captures more attention, create the bigger interests in what you're offering, and receives more attendee interests.

4.Lead Generation Plan

Next, plan how you will collect contact information from attendees visiting your booth. Will you be collecting contact information from everyone that visits your booth or will only from the ones that qualify? What specific contact info do you want to collect? Keep in mind that if your form is lengthy or too personal, the less likely attendees will want to participate. Then, create a follow up plan to contact booth attendees after the show.

Plan and implement the steps outlined above and you'll greatly increase your chances for a successful exhibit at any show.

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