Dare to dream and discover your path to happiness and joy. If someone were to ask you this question: “If money was not an issue, what would you like in your life?” What would be your answer? When you dare to dream of love, joy, satisfaction and fun you will begin to build your ability to create what you want.

Let’s delve into this idea of manifesting what makes your heart sing and how you can be happy and full of joy this very day.

How do you create what you want? How can you manifest happiness and joy? Is it possible in the real world or are happiness and prosperity simply elusive and imaginary joys, relegated only to the dream world? Answer: Yes! You can find happiness, satisfaction and personal fulfillment and it need not be difficult.

But first let’s go back and answer the question: “If money was not an issue, what would you like in your life?” Take a few moments to think about this and choose three things you would like to be, try or want to experience to increase your joy, happiness and personal satisfaction.

Close your eyes now, and imagine a future time, perhaps a month or two from now, where you are able to consider three things in your dream world of achievability. Imagine how it feels, knowing you are well on your way to achieving real happiness and fulfillment in these areas.

Would you like to travel and see the world, experience fascinating people and places? Maybe you would like a new luxury car to boost your self-esteem. Clothes will do it for some, an entire new wardrobe of top class and stylish clothes that make you feel self confident and attractive. Maybe you would prefer a new house, a dream job, a new romantic relationship with your soul mate. Hmm. Imagine your joy and how happy and blissful you would feel as you connect with your soul mate.

If money was not an issue, you could probably come up with heaps of wonderful ideas that would make you feel fantastic and hand you happiness and satisfaction on a platter.

Well, what is stopping you from choosing just one of these things to set your sights on today? The next question to ask yourself is how urgently you want your desire. You will need to ramp up the energy behind your dream if you are to manifest it into your life.

Energizing your deep desires is the subject of another article, but for today, chose one thing you really want to achieve or have in your life and start feeling how wonderful, exciting and energizing it would be to have or be it.

This very day you can be happy, joyful and satisfied, even while still in a place of expectation. Giving yourself something to look forward to is a first step to living your dream.

Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain. Start dancing!

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Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and holistic spiritual life coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. To establish balance and holistic wealth creation in all areas of your life go to www.holisticwealthcreation.com and see Marie's blog at www.holisticwealthcreation.com/blog.