Internal work on our believe systems, thought patterns and behaviors is the hardest work any of us will ever do. It takes a great deal of courage and desire to change to undergo the strenuous work of digging through the layers of hidden feelings, experiences and hurts.

Those who are in healing professions know how important it is to examine closely and deal with the wound rather than just covering it with a bandage and allowing it to fester. The power comes when we release the pain and suffering and allow the healing to begin.

Looking at What We Have Lost

Some would say they have not suffered grief because they have not had the experience of losing a loved one to death. This is simply a method of self protection and denial.

Loss does not always take human form. It can be an beloved animal that ran away. Or a promotion that we did not receive. Or a dream that is still deep in our heart. Or even a fantasy of a loving and respectful relationship. It could be the loss of faith.

Loss is Universal

Many think of grief as a huge sadness, but it is much more subtle than that. It may take the form of a nameless yearning, a feeling of being "unfinished" or "undone". It is much more important to analyze what we feel rather than why we feel it.

We all have grief of some kind to explore. However, sometimes it is the grief of losing someone to death that brings all these emotions rushing forward where we can examine them. It is then we may recognize some of the emotions and feelings we have had for many years but have never verbalized.

A Broken Heart is Open to Teaching

When our heart is open and raw, it is easier to receive messages from teachers, guides, and those who want the best for us. It may be the first time we have ever sat quietly and allowed our spirit to shift to a new level of awareness. If we allow suppressed feelings of loss to surface and be dealt with as the doctor would when treating a wound on our physical body, we can begin the process of healing.

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