You may have heard it said that everything is energy. And it’s true! The entire universe is made of energy; with infinite grades of density and resonance. As we explore the higher human energies, we find similar fluctuations. Thoughts and feelings are energy masses as real as any physical energy mass, like a table or a rock. The main difference is the far higher vibrational frequency of non-physical energy masses compared with physical density energy forms.

Our emotional and mental activities are energy masses arising from our psychological perception of ourself and our environment. These non-physical energy masses have their own frequency signatures. When activated, they trigger electrical impulses that move throughout the body. These same electrical emissions radiate electromagnetic fields outwards for about 1-2 meters surrounding and outside of the body. We actually glow with energy!

What is important to note is that these projected energy fields are characterised by and synchronized with, the emotional and mental activity which generated them.

Thus is formed what we commonly know as the aura, often depicted in religious and esoteric art. This human glow is now proven not only to exist, but to be observable and measurable by modern scientific research and instruments.

Hear what teacher of cutting edge psycanics spirituality has to say: As I began to understand how existence worked, I began to apply the laws of energy and began to accumulate energy in my being. Now, when I am in extremely high levels of energy, I can see…so much… I have seen... us in our spiritual state… We look like miniature suns and the amount of our Energy-Love as a being determines how much we glow. – Thomas Michael Powell (

At an intuitive feeling level, we have all experienced times of high energy, and we have recognized when someone else is in a high or low energy state. How do we recognize this energy ‘flavor’ in others? There are many ways in which we do so, but perhaps the most common way is to read their aura. We recognize and usually sub-consciously interpret their electro-magnetic resonance emission.

Further, if it is close to our own resonant energy emission, we experience attraction and empathy, often leading to a friendship or even closer relationship. We feel and greet a kindred spirit; we resonate with the ‘vibes’ of the person or even of a place. There are many high energy places around the planet, like mountains, streams, glaciers and the ocean, to name a few, with which we are all so familiar. When you want to ‘escape’ the daily grind, where do you choose to go in nature?

Do we have any control over our own personal resonance bio-energy field? Considering that what is going on inside us is actually readable from without, through our energy emission, one would hope so! And of course we do.

The answer lies first in becoming aware that we are always generating this auric energy field. By transmuting our negative thoughts and feelings into more positive ones, we change our revealing auric ‘display’. Thus, by consciously increasing our essence energy, we refine and expand our energy field exponentially.

As science discovers, or perhaps it may be truer to say, ratifies our experience, we can move with even greater confidence into our real creative power, and re-create ourselves the way we want to be. Working with energies is no longer just the way of the future, it is today’s challenge and today’s quest.

Personal authenticity and transparent honesty are fast becoming necessary as well as desirable personality traits. Soon such truthfulness will be a necessity, as our human capacity to recognize and consciously read each other’s bio-energy field becomes more commonplace.

We can consciously increase the beauty and power of our energy emission, our glow. Human nature is dynamic: in order to be, we must continually become. As we expand our consciousness, unlimited vistas of cosmic realization open up to us. We stand on a thresh-hold of a new and wonderful world of experience: experiencing ourselves in ways we have hitherto not imagined.

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Marie C. Barrett , author, teacher and life coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. An expanded consciousness is forming and higher energies call to every heart. For more information go to and see Marie's blog at