One of the keys to success which is very simple yet devastatingly effective when applied, is to simply make the same decisions everyday. If you take a look at any successful person they nearly always take this approach. If you make a decision to do something and state that thing as your goal you cannot expect for it to come to fruition overnight, it usually takes a period of time. During this time in order to reach that goal you will need to take action to achieve it. This is where your daily actions need to correspond with the decision you made in your mind.

As we are all three part beings operating in thought, word and deed, we need to have all of these consistently aligned in order to achieve results. If you think you have made a decision it still has no real power until it is acted upon, similarly it is no good simply talking a good game and not following through with action or with it not actually reflecting what your mind is thinking. When your thoughts, words and deeds are not aligned you will lack progress, motivation and may feel at conflict with yourself.

A very simple illustration of this would be someone who decides they want to become more healthy in their mind and even speaks about this to their friends but their actions do not reflect this. One day they will choose the banana and not the Mars bar, the next day they will chose the Mars bar, their actions are not aligned with their thoughts and words. To become healthy they need to everyday make the same decision on all three levels, thought, word and deed.

Because there are three levels to our beings which can be unaligned it is important to select a goal that is meaningful and that you really want to achieve on all levels. For some people a goal of being rich would fit nicely as a spoken decision but deep down they are not really motivated greatly by money but more so by helping people. Therefore inside of them they will suffer conflict, they can still be successful but they aren't as likely to be as motivated or persistent in pursuing it, there day to day actions may therefore suffer as a result.

The decisions you make today are creating your tomorrow, keep making the decisions on all three levels that correspond to your highest ideal until they come to pass.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." -Robert, Collier

If this is starting to sound like to much effort, stop and have a think for a while. If you don't make an effort to set a goal and pursue it, well that's fine, time will pass anyway and your future will be created by your lack of decisions. Indeed lack of action is also a form of action so you are still creating your tomorrow. The question is do you want to be a conscious or unconscious creator of your world. Do you want a say in what happens in your future or not?

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." - Theodore Roosevelt

Successful people make decisions and stick to them. It is said that the famous inventor Thomas Edison said it would take two weeks to invent the light bulb, however it actually took him around two years. Even through all the failed attempts he still stuck to his decision that he would invent a light bulb he continued rigorously and habitually each and everyday to achieve this goal. Lets look at how he did it on all levels:

1) Thought he decided mentally that it was a worthy goal that he wanted to achieve.

2) He expressed this desire by stating what he would create a light-bulb openly.

3) He took action daily towards his goal and didn't stop until he had achieved his aim.

Indeed this very process is what saw him create over one thousand American patents. Not a bad example of someone operating well aligned on all three levels. He is also quoted as saying:

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." -Thomas Edison

So, now you know the one of the simplest most easily applicable positive thinking and personal development tools around. Take a few moments to reflect upon if you are making the most of yourself. Do you have a goal? Are you pursuing it on all three levels? Are you making the same decisions on a daily basis to achieve it? Are you prepared to stick to it and persevere no matter what? If you can honestly answer yes to these questions then keep going! If not maybe it is time to make use of this very easy yet devastatingly effective technique. Noone can do it for you!

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