All my life, I was looking into the stars in the sky, captivated by the sight of the extremely emotional yet tranquil, peaceful soothing waves of the ocean. I was seeking the help of every creature of our great, creative and merciful God. I listened tentatively to the birds while they were ...All my life, I was looking into the stars in the sky, captivated by the sight of the extremely emotional yet tranquil, peaceful soothing waves of the ocean. I was seeking the help of every creature of our great, creative and merciful God. I listened tentatively to the birds while they were singing on the trees, aspiring that they might give me a signal, which would gear me toward the light. I searched the highest and mysterious mountains to attain the profound purity of my existence. At the beginning of my day, I attempted to connect with the Sun as it conquered the darkness of the night and replaced it with an uplifting and mystic invisible power, in the form of its rays, which led all creatures into acquiring the strength that would help them accomplish their daily tasks. I was aspiring that its mystic power might touch me helping me reach within to melt the rust that had accumulated around my heart and soul. The rust that prevented me from acquiring the insight and wisdom that were necessary for complete comprehension of my deepest feelings and fears. I was inquisitive about most of the aspects of my existence, with a great deal of questions that remained unanswered despite my continuous search and meditation, defying the typical logic and rationality. I longed to know who I was! Where I came from! And to where was I going. I was curious about the reasons behind my mission in life. I was bewildered by the fact that I possessed the most intriguing and unbelievable combinations of contradictions with which I was blessed to have in my atypical and fascinating personality. I was amazed at the coexistence of harmonious nature between my heart, soul and mind. Realizing the overall control of my intelligence over my raging and boiling emotions within my vulnerable and extremely sensitive body astonished me. I continuously contemplated about my silliness that helped me tremendously to deal with my foibles and contradictions by laughing at myself and not taking life too seriously. My sensitivity had guarded me against human blindness and indifference toward the pain and suffering of others. My detachment enabled me to overcome and surpass the difficulties that were created by my inability to solve the problems that I encountered in my daily life. I felt fortunate to possess my flexible views that permitted me to see, Listen, attempt to grasp, empathize and sympathize toward the views of others. I had acquired the strength of characters that geared me to attempt to remove all the obstacles that could have impeded my path toward achieving the serenity and harmony essential for guarding my sanity. I kept going despite my bleak prospective in life. I kept wondering about the odd yet remarkable proof of God's creativity, body parts that I possess as a human being. I tried in vain to get in touch with my subconscious aspiring that it might lead me toward achieving the serenity and acceptance that would permit me to solve the mystery of my existence, which kept sleepless at night and wondering through the day. I attempted to accomplish acquiring the inner peace and harmony that would gear me toward accepting, being content with and loving myself despite my diversified and contradictory personality. Tonight, I held you tenderly while being captivated by your hypnotizing eyes. I was comforted by your enlightening, exhilarating and friendly smile. I was led and geared by the magnetic power that radiated from your warm and cuddly body toward attaining being close in heart, soul and mind with you. I was completely enveloped by the soothing tenderness that accompanied your kindred spirit. My soul became so pure, my heart achieved the profound sensuous state and my mind was totally taken by inspiration to get into the core of solving the mystery of my existence. Every aspect of being me became crystal clear. All I had to do was looking inside me to find all the answers. I was given the harmonious coexistence alignment between my heart, mind and soul to avoid any conflict that might arise between the physical, mental and spiritual love for you. I was blessed to have my silly nature to permit me the pleasure of bringing your captivating smile back to your face especially when you are feeling down. I was created with the most profound and powerful intelligence to guide me toward absolute comprehension of your precious and extraordinary unique characteristics and traits. That intelligence would lead me toward discovering new venues through which I can express my appreciation and bewilderment of being the most fortunate person to have you in my life and be the target of your bottomless treasures of tenderness, affection and love. I have acquired the detached nature to isolate myself from the whole universe and rejoice in the euphoric romantic and heavenly world of ours. Possessing the sensitivity trait would permit me the capacity of detecting your pain and suffering aspiring to ease them and comfort you. My inner strength is inspired by my profound desire to have the honor and pleasure of protecting you and being there for you whenever you might need me. I had developed and would utilize my memory capacities to be alert for registering, inscribing and cherishing every little details of our moments together. My hearing capabilities allow me the tremendous pleasure of listening and completed be captivated by your angelic sensual voice. My sense of smell would permit me the awareness of your being close physically to compliment that of the spiritual and mental closeness helping me making you the focus of my attention and complete devotion. I was blessed with an enduring and powerful sexual desire to permit me the euphoric experience of making love to you. My arms always aching to hold you tight to instigate within the feeling of being loved appreciated and needed. My feet permit me to be wherever you would be. My arteries, veins and blood help to spread your love of every cell of my body. Can't you see that you are the essence of my existence the core of my life mission and I was created especially for you!

Author's Bio: 

I was born in Egypt but I hold a Canadian Citizenship. I had published two books and the third one is coming out soon. I wrote numerous articles in various topics in Canada, USA, Egypt and China. For a year, I was writing an advice column for a major English magazine in China. Currently, I am teaching the conceptual art of English writing in China.