Are you getting older? Of course you are we all are during the natural process of the living experience. Youth or rather the quest to capture and maintain youth becomes a major focus of many as they reach the latter years of their life.

The fountain of youth is a thing of legend and desire and long considered the one source for endless mental and physical vigor and the reversal of the physical aging process. There is hope, meaning in the belief that there is some geographical location that holds the answer to eternal youth in the waters that boil up from the depths of its soil.

And what is the thing most desired from that fabled fountain of eternal youth? It is physical appearance for some, health and vitality for others, but it becomes the enjoyment of the living experience for all once they ponder the issue. They want to begin to experience and recapture the excitement and positive vision they experienced as a child.

Most children live in world of fantasy and imagination. We replace this imagination with instruction as we mature into adults with real responsibilities and functions. Children live in an almost carefree environment where each day offers new fantastic pieces of knowledge and experience.

They awake eager to experience what the living process has to offer and each day provides them with a new piece of the living puzzle. Later in adult life most begin to feel like they have fallen into a routine as new experiences and knowledge seem fewer and farther apart.

In fact, it is only through our acceptance of routine and comfort that adults begin to limit their exposure to new experience and knowledge. They've learned enough or simply don't have the time to pursue new adventure and excitement. They are too busy, tired, out of shape or old to chase after fun and happiness. Satisfaction for them is accepting the results of what is without wandering outside their comfort zone.

Children are constantly intrigued and excited by what might be. There is a sense of excited amazement as they explore what living has to offer. There is little excitement or amazement in living a routine accepting lifestyle.

So most of what people want to recapture is the sense of excitement and fascination in living. They would love a younger physical body, but the physical is of little use if you still haven't captured the excitement of living.

Youth is fun, happiness, excitement and a sense of wonder and new learning. All of these are and always have been available to you all along. They are the very things you gave up as you matured from a child into an adult. As the living experience began to place demands upon you there seemed to be less time or energy to pursue the happiness and satisfaction that came naturally as a child. Youth and the mindset of youth were lost to living and the demands of social function.

So where is this fountain of youth? It bubbles up from within the recesses of your mind. You have the ability to identify and pursue those things that will truly bring you happiness and satisfaction. You are not really a slave to the same old routine living process that has been dutifully accepted for so long. This is not a sudden irresponsible shift, but rather comprehending that you are always in control of your own decisions and results.

Fun and excitement occur when you develop patterns of living that are fun and exciting. Of course, you have responsibilities, but there are no rules of living that define your unhappiness in doing so.

Organize your time and then pursue your inner child of happiness. Join your children in exploring the wonders of the world if possible. Visit the zoo, attend an event and recapture the wonder of awaking every morning to a new experience instead of the dreaded routine. You never know you might just learn something new!

Simply being alive and able to experience the amazing natural world with your senses is cause for celebration and the exploration of the world around you. Youth is a mindset. You either believe you are young or old. Those two terms have dramatically different meanings.

Which do you believe you are?

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Gentry has taken to heart the lessons shared with him over the years by his mentors. He continues to enrich himself through sharing his knowledge and insight with others in the attempt to better society by making even the slightest positive change in his fellow man.

Knowledge is worthless if it is not shared and utilized for positive direction and improvement.