The face of death is an ugly sight. When it appears, it causes so much heartache, upheaval, and confusion. Death always comes unannounced. It requires no invitation, but yet it is inevitable and unwanted.

How do we face death when we want to live? We need to face life head on and live each day to the fullest because we never know when that dreaded day will appear. I am not trying to instill fear in you, but one day, we all must face death and the reality should create urgency to know what our life’s purpose is and force us to take action.

No one knows what form of death they will experience. My son died from drowning, my stepfather from drowning, my grandmother from cancer and my sister died in a car accident. When the face of death showed itself to them, all that they had lived for meant little to them at that time. However, the memory of what they accomplished still lives on as a legacy to their children another family members.

Therefore, face life with an intensity of purpose. Don’t spend your life aimlessly wandering around, but with a sense of purpose so that when you come face to face with death, you will have done all you can.

Here are eight keys to consider:

· Plan your life strategically
· Make sure you have a will
· Maintain good relationships
· Nourish your spiritual life
· Enjoy every day of your life
· Spend quality time with your loved ones
· Don’t worry about things you cannot change
· Live each day with purpose

Everyone should put plans in place that will make preparations for the inevitable face of death, but at the same time, it is important to enjoy life and not be anxious about the troubles that will invade our lives; especially if we are unable to change anything about the situation.

The confusion that existed after Anna Nicole’s death bears witness of how essential planning makes so much difference. She died without speaking to her own mother who gave birth to her and so it is clear that maintaining vital relationships is an evident process in our lives.

Spirituality is the most important aspect of our lives. We are created as body and spirit, yet most of us spend more time on our body rather than our spirit. When the body dies, the spirit lives on and therefore, we must nourish our spirit to be ready to face death and eternity when the time comes.

Live your lives passionately fulfilled and without regrets. You won’t be able to do anything about incomplete plans and a disorganized life when you face death, so do all you can today and allow your memory to live on in a positive way.

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Cheryline Lawson is the mother who has been on an emotional journey of losing her only child and has written a book titled, “Coping with Grief.” Find out more by visiting her website at =>