How often have you asked for assistance, signs, insight, clarity…only to feel confused when the outcome is contrary to what we received? This happens to all of us – lately I have been asking for signs, confirmation, from my angels and guides to remind me that the messages I am getting are true and accurate – yet the outcome appears to be the same. This can cause some doubt, but one thing I have been learning is faith – keeping faith in the process.

This may not be as easy as it sounds when from different angles it can seem as if the world that is around you is not the easiest place to be. Financial crises, relationship changes, job loss or insecurity, health issues or any varied range of personal challenges that seem to take their emotional and mental toll on you in the now moment.

Due to the many changes I have gone through – and still am going through – I feel a different level of peace by being in a state of faith that all things are taken care of, even if I cannot see the outcome at the moment. It’s a matter of removing myself from the end result – the how, when and why and believing, fully knowing, that the outcome will be for my highest good.

This is not always easy and I can’t say I life in a state of total bliss, non-stress and non-worry, but when the feelings that are heavy, worrisome and fearsome do come in, I ask my angels to remind me that everything is working out for the best. Sometimes I will ask for a sign – for me feathers have always been a symbolic message on my path – so I may ask for a feather, a gesture from the angels, to assure me when I feel like I am loosing my certainty because all around me is going against what I am seeking. Then out of nowhere, a feather will present itself. I am reminded, I am not alone, I am guided, I am protected.

If you find you are going through a stage in your life where you feel stressed, strained or simply lost on the path, ask for a sign from your guides or angels – ask for something, anything, that you can see so that you can attain the physical image you need to show you that you are being led and you aren’t out there wandering alone, lost and confused.

Many people see numbers that are symbolic or animals may cross their path that stores a message that is an important reminder – for others its “pennies from heaven” along their path – whatever the symbol, acknowledge it and remember you are being given this sign to remind you of your faith.

These little signs from the angels, our guides or Creator are presented to us to remind us of the infinite love and light that is there, leading, guiding, and assisting us on the journey. We are never in darkness even if there are times when the light does not seem to be on, it is only because we are looking elsewhere and have changed our area of focus.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Dr. Sherri M. Barclift is an ordained interfaith minister with the Alliance of Divine Love (Chapel 1547), a Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Healer and Teacher.

Rev. Sherri is internationally known for her work and has been featured on The Learning Channel, as well being published in Planet Lightworker,, Natural Awakenings & Others.

To contact Rev. Sherri, you can visit her website:, reach her via email at or by phone at 828-280-5635.