When the passion fades away from a relationship some people mistakenly think that they fell out of love and this happens because of the false ideas that the media fed those people with about love. Healthy relationships are the ones who move on from the passionate stage to the compassionate stage where the main pillars holding the relationship becomes intimacy and respect instead of passion.

If you feel that you are falling out of love because of the loss of passion then you must educate yourself about the truth of healthy relationships instead of comparing what is happening to you to a romantic movie you saw.

Why do people Fall out of love

Sometimes people do fall out of love without knowing the reason then end up feeling guilty for the one they have to dump. Falling out of love can happen because of many reasons but most of them can be grouped under those two categories:

Change in your subconscious criteria:

As I mentioned before, people fall in love with those who meet the list called the unconscious criteria which is stored in their subconscious minds. This unconscious criteria is not a permanent criteria but it can change with major life events. Suppose that a girl didn't value honesty and that she loved a man who wasn't honest. If one day this girl faced a major problem that caused her serious troubles because of the lack of honesty of someone she dealt with then most probably her subconscious criteria will be updated to include honesty, and the result will be falling out of love because her man no longer matches her criteria.

Discovering something new about the person you love:

What if the same girl who values honesty didn't knew that her man wasn't honest and then one day she discovered it by coincidence. If honesty wasn't that important to her nothing could happen but if she values honesty then most probably she will fall out of love.

Again I am repeating the same advice, don't associate the loss of passion with falling out of love but just try to have more understanding of healthy relationships so that you can know whether you are truly falling out of love or not.

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