Fasting is about settling down into our situation and not looking for alternatives. But in order to do this we have to develop a sense that it is safe to stay with the present and not look for alternatives, that it is completely safe and even useful not to look for alternatives. Another way of looking at this is to say that we have a sense of warmth for the uncomfortable energy of the present moment, for the raw quality of energy, regardless of how irritating it is. This is not about becoming a better person, or finally getting it right, but it is a view based on trusting what we already have, of starting and staying where we already are.
It‘s like having this itch, but if we scratch it, the scab comes off and we bleed. It is not necessary to scratch the itch. You have to work with the impulse and not just impulsively grab for something to fill up the empty space, to make us feel better as soon as possible. We work with it, by catching our selves in the moment in which we are all caught up in the obsession. This is the moment where there is tremendous karmic momentum to go forward in the same old way —to scratch the wound. Often you feel that you cannot let go. But if you have the courage to just experiment with abruptly opening at this time, there is a tremendous freedom waiting for you in the next moment. We must cut the discursive thinking and find the freedom of this moment. W e can just drop completely our story about our sense of problem and can just let the problem go. We can cut through the strong sense of "I need this now. " "I have to get something out of this," we can cut through that.

And instead of being ashamed of being all caught up, we begin to regard it as a valuable place to be in. So there is some work that we need to do in preparation. But what is so liberating about this that it is not saying that we just have to laboriously work and work forever. Once we have developed the habit of trusting, we can just abruptly cut, and find freedom. We cut the rambling thoughts and we find the freedom. It is about truly nourishing ourselves. So you find the warmth in the moment. Second moment is cutting discursive thoughts and opening like a flashbulb going off. And then communicating with what remains. And the most powerful time to do this is when we are all caught up. There is an advanced spiritual teaching that says, “The more neurosis, the more wisdom.” We love that one, cause we are all neurotic. But no one can really understand this at first hearing because it doesn't ever feel like "the more neurosis, the more wisdom." It actually feels like "the more neurosis, the more despair." But what I have found in working with this is that if you are all caught up and it occurs to you to just open, there is so much energy which is available to wake up —there is so much more energy available at this time.
Of course the energy is pregnant with wanting to close right back down into the discursiveness or the mood that you are in. But you do get "the most for your money," the most for your moment at this time when you are all caught up. You get the most for your instant —you are propelled further than you would otherwise go on the energy which pushes you further. The hardest time to do this practice is also the most powerful time to do the practice.

Pain and problems are opportunities for growth and redirection. These things allow us to make the most of the time we have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here yet. what is there to worry about? Don't forget that you are love. Love in the end is the really only thing that heals us. You have a walking medical dispensary right inside your own heart. You can take your medicine at will and decide to love yourself. Just remember that dark days come while fasting but there is a rainbow waiting at the end for all those who persevere. Rainbows are always on the other side of dark clouds! There is wisdom in letting go of our anguish. This will allow that bolt of energy that you are holding onto to pass through your body. It's called the turning point. One of the things that I feel very strongly is that I don't have anything new to say. What I have been discussing in this journal are eternal truths known by great prophets of the last several thousand years. Sometimes I need to see it in a more modern version so I share these thoughts of Plato or Buddha in my own feeble way. I can honestly say, I struggle more with these idea’s myself than anybody. I'm tough on myself because I know I am capable of so much more than I am doing in life. Fasting can teach us how to get through life’s difficulties. I was talking to a man who had been close to death and had to be resuscitated five times. People told him, "It's a miracle you're alive." He said, "I don't have problems anymore, I only have blessings." I'm trying to help people find what's important before they develop a life-threatening illness or have some major loss, you can do regular fasting every year and save yourself from a very unfortunate end of your life.
It all comes down to survival behavior. Don’t laugh but I think we could be more prepared to do a fast, if we took our lead from the US Marines. "Why do the Marines say things like `Place the group before the individual.' `Don't judge people based upon race.' `Do the difficult right over the easy wrong.'" You begin to realize that these are things that they have learned are important if you're going to survive in battle. And the truth is, if you're going to survive Master Cleanser, or life, these things will enhance your likelihood of success. If you are determined to stay on your fast and you are determined to live, then your body gets that message and changes occur that enhance the likelihood of your success. Some of the things we describe as miraculous healings all started with miraculous changes within us. If you talk to people who have done miraculous things like fast successfully for 40 days, or heal themselves of cancer, they will all say the same thing.
They don’t consider it a miracle. They'll say, "It was hard work. You know, I had to practice, rehearse, live a certain way."
We call ourselves human beings, but how many of us are really involved with being! We get involved with doing and we're not really living a real existence. I think the greatest thing I got from my fast was a break so I could get back in touch with my body and decide which way to go and how to find my path and direction. This has been the greatest gift of all. Clarity.
Fasting can help you find a different and broadened view of the causes and cures of disease. Access to information about yourself that may not be available to you by other means, like your liver was full of poison from that last medication you were on, etc… and works directly with your body to enhance your own healing abilities. You can have a miraculous result, merely by letting your own body induce itself into healing by doing a long term fast. You heal through a very natural process. You see it with animals, when they are wounded, they stop eating. They eat grass, which is chlorophyll. We humans could learn a lot from our dogs. These animal instincts are within all of us. There are times when our bodies need to fast, to get rid of our toxemia, and to give ourselves a good rest. Even though a fast to some is beyond what is considered to be natural and to those who are not familiar with healing. Your body and your energy system move naturally toward health. Sometimes we need to give it a little push and a detoxifying fast is just the thing. You become a self healer evoking health for yourself. Its really quite amazing. My arthritis was cured in 20 days on MC and has not come back. A miracle. Doing a cleanse like MC can not only bring health to your physical body but also balance and harmony in all parts of our life. Somehow the long term fast gets us in touch with who we really are. It balances the energy deep within your body and balanced health occurs. The soul has learned its lesson and therefore has more cosmic truth. The fact that you are here and reading this tells me that you are ready. When the student is ready the teacher appears. So here we all are on this forum helping each other. We are all bringers of the light.

On MC can help the process of inner healing to occur. It rebalances the energies in each body by focusing on the expression of the imbalance, correcting it, and repairing it. The realignment in your physical body helps establish balance in the other energy fields, known as your celestial, astral, bodies right down to our lower energy layers known as the mental, emotional, etheric and finally the physical body. When healing in one body occurs, a spontaneous healing occurs in your other bodies as well. Others will definitely see it in you. You become unrecognizable to yourself, something is very renewed. A light comes on. If you hold the darkness to the light, it becomes the light. On a fast our faulty belief systems are brought to consciousness and challenged. The fast realigns our individual will to the divine will. Which is the only way you can do a 40 day fast, believe me. You have to turn it over to God. Somehow in this process our mental body lets go of it’s defenses, and we open ourselves up for healing. We challenge our faulty thinking processes which caused the imbalance in the first place. We replace it with a more mature thinking process. We get new solutions to old problems. On an emotional level block feelings become cleared. Slowly. It takes time. Old traumas are removed. We regain a sense of well being and trust. Master Cleanser can help

To enhance and accelerate basic healing when we fast, remember that outer healings happen only when are faulty belief systems that created our imbalance in the first place is corrected. If you don’t deal with your issues of why you have created the situation you are in, then you will just keep recreating it. The fast will be a temporary fix, at best. If you go back to all of your old bad habits, the same problem will return. We need to use this quiet time when we are fasting to get in touch with ourselves and realize what is going on, on the deeper levels inside of us. What choices have we made that created the problems that we face? For , if the “inner” healing is not also done and the faulty belief system is not challenged, illness will again precipitate into the physical body, even after present symptoms have been removed.
What I love about fasting is that it gives us a chance to balance an imbalance before it becomes a disease. Master Cleanser is the state of the art health care for your body and it is helping us catch any possible difficulty before it becomes too serious. But we still have to do the “inner” work and address our issues in our minds. We don’t want the same old 20 pounds to just keep returning, or what ever our challenge might be. Don’t be like me.
The most important thing you could learn to do for your health is to meditate. In our western cultures it is the thing we find the hardest to do, to just sit still and breathe, and find the present moment. Once you find your true presence, nothing will be able to stand in the light of it. This is what I mean about the inner healing, to heal the outer, you must learn the art of becoming fully present. Meditation is the key to this. The fast can help us so tremendously with this, by slowing us down, and rebalancing us deep within, and giving us the clarity that comes from a detoxed body and mind, to listen inside, and find the answers.

Fasting is often the perfect next step to open, shift, and expand your consciousness. Master Cleanser helped reawaken my soul, during the metamorphosis I experienced from fasting for 40 days. I not only healed my body, but brought myself into deeper alignment with the truth of my own soul. The journey taught me that I could stay centered on my path and in the truth of my healing. That fogs really do lift. That being at a higher vibration is not a myth, but a promise MC keeps to us all who go the distance. When balance is restored in our lives, we are then able to take the next step needed for our lives. To me this is what fasting is all about. MC can be just the step that takes us higher, by first connecting us with balance.

Fasting not only strengthens my relationship to my soul path, but shows me how to hold it and be conscious of it, so that I can better direct my soul’s travel and destiny. In order to do MC, we all have to re-examine our own limitations. Whatever circumstance brings you to this place; whatever is asking you to stretch a little further; -- examine it before you push it away, because you are being brought exactly what is going to take you to the next step towards your growth!!! Just listen to your inside cycle of Truth and healing and open your arms to the essence of who you are. MC opened my heart to the beauty of being- without fear and limitation -- seeing myself as never before. We each have a strong, vital path that only you and you alone can walk. The commitment to staying centered on your path and in your Truth of healing is more important than before. It may also appear more difficult than before, this is why fasting can be such a vital tool for this process. The energy of fear and change feels very oppressive and heavy at times, just remember your truth, the reason why you were drawn to the fast in the first place. You indeed deserve the highest on all levels. Once again, You deserve the highest on all levels, stay on your

fast, and get it!!

Master Cleanser to me is a journey of personal transformation, and while the goal of the journey is to become our true selves, we can only do this by letting go of who we are not. If we wish to experience the fullness of life, we must cut through layers of illusion that hide the truth of who we really are. Fasting is a narrow path that runs through a very deep forest-the forest of our own psyche. We meet monsters and demons on the inner path. We meet the monsters in order to slay them. The only way to rid ourselves of darkness is by bringing it to light. Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness and ignorance in the world stems from darkness or blindness in the heart. And it is there that we must do our work. We do not deny the darkness in ourselves, but affirm that a light lies beyond it. We have faith this light shall prevail, because it is our true identity. Our task is to remember that.

If you view your fast as an opportunity, then when you do Master Cleanser, you can ask yourself, "Okay, what can I learn from this time on my fast? What is my fast showing me about myself?" Pay attention to your feelings and use this time to make wise choices and became more spiritual, in this way your body can benefit. The physical changes we receive on MC are the side effects of an altered life.
We are all at risk for a great many diseases, and as the world gets smaller the list of things we are exposed to grows larger. We need to learn from people who stay healthy and who know how to fast. On MC we can have a self-induced healing. This brings the image of a rainbow-colored butterfly to my mind. The butterfly represents change and the rainbow represents all of our feelings and emotions. We need to let the butterfly of change and emotional growth touch our lives if we are to heal and to learn to fast successfully. Sometimes it all just comes down to having a clear conscience. Knowing that today I kept my promise to myself. I said I would fast, and I followed through! When you do the work that is necessary to have a clear conscience, then the joy of living returns and the physiology of optimism restores you.

From fasting on a regular basis for the past twenty years, I have gained a more effective, richer and fuller immune system. I find that is has been my therapy for staying healthy, each time I fast I increase my chances of warding off diseases that could have been headed my way. It has kept me well all these years, and is one of the keys tools I use to maintain my health. The "healing climate" created from fasting seems to maximize my potential for health. It is what has been right with me all these years. From learning to make fasting a part of my annual routine for health, it has kept me going in a certain direction.

Your beliefs become your biology
We can all exercise our souls, just like we do our bodies! We’re used to exercising what’s visible, but what we can’t see is just as important. What goes on within us at a deeper, soulful level--you might say is what the heart feels and experiences. When you begin to understand that what happens within you creates your internal environment, you also realize you’re affecting your health and your life and all the things that are involved in your existence. Your beliefs become your biology. Your attitude is everything. Have positive expectations and see your glass as half full. Soul, mind, and emotions are all tied together. We are a unit, so I don’t think these can be separate. We have gotten so used to paying attention to the external (like our body and what shows up in the mirror), and we forget what’s going on at the soulful, spiritual, heart level. People get so into their head. I like to say that we don’t act like human beings, we act like human doings. We get too much into the physical, but the body is really there to make the deeper, soulful, spiritual stuff meaningful by performing acts. It’s not just something you have in your mind. Force yourself while on the fast to take this quiet time and gain our perspective. I am talking about finding order and a sense of peace. You know, volunteers live longer, healthier lives than those who don’t. So do optimists. Pessimists may have a more accurate view of the world but their health and longevity is not as good as optimists. So we’re better off having an optimistic view and hope for the future. I call MC, “God’s redirection!” It is a redirection, and something good will come of it! This changes your view of the future. Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.” This would seem to apply to healing ourselves as well. Helen Keller put it very well when she said, “If you face the sunshine you never will see the shadows.” That’s the choice we all have. That was her way of talking about attitude. You might say Helen Keller saw God as a disciplinarian rather than as a punisher. So when things happened to her, they became things that helped her become a better person and learn from them, rather than seeing them as an affliction or punishment. If you resolve any conflict within you about doing a fast from the beginning, you will have fewer side effects. If we can move our intellects aside, we are then able to take the lid off what I call your “treasure chest.” Stuff comes up from your heart and soul. The hardest part people have with fasting is compliance, actually getting yourself to follow through and take the recommended steps. It is time to get it together and do what is right for your life.

A sense of humor will help you get through your fast more than anything! Did you know a fast can help clean your aura? The best way to do this is by laughter. Its so vital to our fasting process that we do not harbor negative thoughts and emotions such as hatred, greed, etc.. they contaminate the aura and then disease is reflected in the body as a result. MC can help you clean your aura by bringing balance and harmony to your physical body. Great forces live inside of all of us, in very subtle states. you have complete control of all these forces. you are a veritable power house of amazing life forces. Outside of you, beyond the sun, is a tremendous storehouse of natural resources available to you to heal and rejuvenate your body. It is our duty to find them! MC is one such tool to help us do that cleaning, which occurs on a much deeper level than just the flesh. It can help balance your psychic centers. clean your aura, and change your karma.

There are four pathways to mastering MC. The first, the lowest pathway is called the pathway of Discipline. Discipline is about training ourselves to do the fast correctly, drinking the right things, doing our SWF, and staying away from food. We train ourselves to stay the course. Some of us really have to work hard at this, just to get some self discipline.
The second pathway is the pathway of Wisdom, which is the application of the mind to the discipline of the body. To do MC successfully we must get through these first two pathways. We must get some discipline and use our heads. But it is not Mastery.
The third pathway then, is that of Unconditional Love. This is about reaching the stage when what you are doing is consistent with your sense of love for it. If you aren’t doing that, you are stuck at the second pathway. An example is someone who's absolutely at the top of their game--when you watch Pavarotti singing, for instance, he has great discipline. Obviously he's been to practice. And he has great wisdom; he's obviously studied. But he's not the greatest tenor on the planet because he's been to practice and because he studies more than anybody else. He conveys a great sense of love for what he is doing every time he sings. You see the bliss, you see the joy. You have to get to this place. But this still is not mastery; it is approaching mastery.
The fourth and highest pathway is called Surrender. This is when you ultimately reach mastery--when you let go and let God. When you surrender the little mind to the Big Mind, and allow for the idea that it's not you who's doing this. You are not what you have, you are not what you do, you are not your reputation. You are the Divine, you are connected to God, and you have reconnected to your Source in such a way that it is really God working through you, or you working with God. This is ultimately what mastery is. It is when you absolutely just let go. It is our Satori, our moment of awakening.

-The Five Reasons Why People Suffer ---
If you look at Vedantic tradition, there are only five reasons why people suffer: they don't know who they are; they're attached to that which is impermanent and insubstantial; they are afraid of that which is impermanent and insubstantial; they have a false sense of identity through their ego; and they're afraid of death. Period. Those are the five causes of suffering.
The Vedanta also goes on to say that all these causes of suffering are contained in the first one: people don't realize who they are. If they did, they'd be free. They wouldn't have these other problems. I can't tell you why, I can only testify that it does... the 40 day fast will help restore your clarity... and by doing this, can save you from much suffering.

Happiness Comes With Bootstraps
Happiness, just like fasting, comes from a decision that each one of us has to make. But often we find making decisions very difficult. There are times when layers of grief and sorrow seem almost impenetrable, unbending to our mere mortal decision not to dwell on them. Master Cleanser can help us get unstuck from old emotional patterns that have been going on in our lives for years. Our sadness is simply at times an old emotional habit. And a long term fast can surely break it. Master Cleanser can help you to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps." There are times when you simply have to make a decision to rise above the pain of the world. And when you do, the world has a way of changing with you. It is absolutely nothing but a reflection of your mind. So many of us, we're depressed ... but if we're honest with ourselves, we don't have to be.
It's not a mystery to me what it takes to get me out of my depression; doing A long term fast, like MC for ten days or better, reading uplifting books, spending enough time on prayer and meditation and forgiveness; and physical exercise. If I do those things, I'm in a pretty good mood most of the time. But what's interesting to me, given that they are clearly a ticket out of my pain, is how often I resist at least one of them. So doesn't that mean that I'm as attracted to the pain as I'm desirous of avoiding it? Isn't there something in all of us that makes us coddle our bad feelings? We all think we have many different problems but we really only have one! My real problem isn't one thing or another that I might think that I'm depressed about. My real problem is my strange propensity for being depressed.
I see that propensity as almost like an addiction. Just as some haven't picked up a drink for twenty years but do not kid themselves that the urge to do so couldn't crop up at any time, so I realize that no matter how happy I ever get, my depressive tendency is like a sleeping snake at the base of my spine. I have it in me, like some ancient and ancestral emotional undertow.
But I'm okay now, because I did what I need to do today. Happiness truly is one of those "one day at a time" type of things. Do what you have to do today, to be happy. Give. Love. Pray. Meditate. Be kind. Read serious spiritual literature. Exercise. Do something constructive. Contribute to someone's life. Show up for your life. Show up for the people who love you. Practice being who you want to be.
And when you do that, something amazing happens. You start to live the life you want, simply because that's the life you showed up for.
What I think is this: Be sad when you have to be, but never ever put your suitcases down and decide to move in. You don't have to; it's a choice. Life is simply a series of choices.
Depression might have chosen you, but you don't have to choose it back. Sometimes happiness comes with bootstraps, but so what? Let MC show you how to pull 'em up. Choose joy. Learn to fast and claim your life....

You get whatever you think about most. Whatever you think about expands…

A great way to approach the fast is to think from the end. Start with the end outcome clearly in your mind and work backwards to reach it!!
act confidently with a "knowing" that you already have all of the resources you need to succeed.

While fasting be independent of the opinion of others. You are responsible to no one for your actions and thoughts except yourself. All you can control is yourself and how you act on a day to day basis.
Therefore take full responsibility for the emotional states that you choose to embrace each day while fasting.

These are the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer... and since we end our fasts with OJ and this is a story about OJ, I found it fitting to post here for us all... and it is so true........

You can only extend to another that which you are in truth.
You can only give others what you have inside of yourself. Therefore to give love away to others, you must cultivate love for yourself FIRST. Think of what happens when we squeeze an orange - What comes out when you squeeze? OJ!! Why? Because that is what is inside. When humans are squeezed, what comes out of them is what they harbor inside of themselves. Harbor love, acceptance, joy, confidence, peace and harmony towards yourself so that you can radiate it towards others. You must always have within you what you wish to see or give another. -W. Dyer . To me this is the best thing about fasting, it changes what we are inside.

Slaying the Monsters

Master Cleanser to me is a journey of personal transformation, and while the goal of the journey is to become our true selves, we can only do this by letting go of who we are not. If we wish to experience the fullness of life, we must cut through layers of illusion that hide the truth of who we really are.

Fasting is a narrow path that runs through a very deep forest-the forest of our own psyche-and we need our supplies in order to walk through it.
We meet monsters and demons on the inner path. We meet the monsters in order to slay them. The only way to rid ourselves of darkness is by bringing it to light. Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness and ignorance in the world stems from darkness or blindness in the heart. And it is there that we must do our work. We do not deny the darkness in ourselves, but affirm that a light lies beyond it. We have faith this light shall prevail, because it is our true identity. Our task is to remember that.
To me these monsters are my impatience, childishness when it comes to my eating habits, denial of what the foods I am addicted to are doing to me, and the demon that says, I don't care, tomorrow I will change... these are my biggest issues.

Author's Bio: 

I am an everyday person who has accomplished extraordinary things in life, due to change in diet and learning how to fast long term. It has cured my arthritis and taken twenty years from my personal appearance.