Are you overweight? Do you have a big belly or a big butt and you have for most of your life? If you answered yes then losing weight and getting in shape is probably a priority for you. Achieving this goal, however, can be much easier said than done. You see while it is our bodies that will do the actual physical exercise needed to transform them it is our minds that control whether or not that will ever even happen.

Your mind is incredibly powerful and can help you overcome just about any obstacle in life if you let it. Once you truly decide to do something and put all of your mental abilities toward achieving that goal then it will be difficult for anything to stand in your way. This can include overcoming drug or alcohol addiction, smoking, anger issues and yes losing weight and getting in shape. If you are not able to develop the right mindset up front, however, these goals may never be achieved. You see, our mindset is often focused on what exists at any particular time rather than what you want to be. What I mean is if you're overweight and your mind continues to see your body as being overweight and not as it would look like once you are in shape. It is only through overcoming this negative mindset and allowing you to see or visualize the potential results that can occur through action that you will really achieve results.

Think about it for a second. You saw someone on the beach who was in incredibly good shape or maybe you saw someone wearing clothes that you wish you could fit into. This scenario is probably made you feel less than positive about your body rather than spurred you on to achieve the results you desire. If instead of thinking about how you were at any particular time and focusing on how you could be you could dramatically speed up the results that you achieve from any activities in life. Simply focusing on your goals will help you to achieve them. Your actions and reactions to the things that surround you in your life will help to support your efforts rather than combat them and this has been proven in study after clinical study. If you focus on what you are then you'll reinforce that, but if you focus on where you want to be you will move toward it. Be the change you want to see!

Overcoming these mental blocks can be just as difficult, if not more so, as simply exercising and eating right. The fact is they represent a critically important step in your achieving your body goals and you must work on changing your mindset first even before developing an effective exercise routine. There are many ways to help you achieve the proper mindset and these can include motivational books, CDs you can listen to in your car or at work, or in person seminars where you could hear from speakers who have used these techniques to great success in their own lives. While some people look at using these tools as foolishness, those that adopt the right mindset and simply use them as an aid in their overall program, the results can be absolutely staggering.

Making the decision to completely change the way you look, feel, and view your body from now on may be one of the most important and positive steps you ever take in your life. Know that changing this mindset can be tough, but if you focus on your goals and use motivational tools to help you along then you can absolutely achieve the positive results that you desire.

Author's Bio:, aka, Emile Jarreau is a 31 year veteran fitness professional and co-owner of in Long Beach, California. Also having 19 years of bodybuilding and figure coaching and previous NPC judging experience, he specializes in fat loss and all its aspects and freely shares online resources to the world.