Housework sometimes comes down to whose workis it. We have this imaginary gender line that we will just not cross. We say, we will not do this and we will not do that. Let it go! Your wife will never feel she has to open a jar or climb on the roof to adjust an antenna. So why should you have to do housework? Because once you have children, it is no longer housework, it is now called homework. Things that have to be done to get the house straightened out after they get it torn apart. If you will not do homework, then at least take the kids away from the house. This is called quality time and you will be called a lifesaver. Whatever the event, fishing, sports or take them to a friend’s house. Just do it. This homework thing is very important to your life. You have already learned in school how not doing it results in some discipline action.
Fathers, understand that many women are judged by how their house looks. So, take the kids out of the house so they will be relieved of trying to care for them and the house. In exchange you will be relieved of having a stressed out mother on your hands.
Homework is part of taking care of the house and home. Such as cutting the lawn, some things are done for the home. What I am telling you is that without children: You will cut the grass and she will do the laundry. You both finish and go out to dinner and go to bed with a twinkle in your eye. Now, with children you cut the grass and she does everybody’s laundry. Remember guys the grass is usually about the same length if you do it regularly, but now with the extra kids the clothes have doubled or tripled. Then as she cleans the children are messing up the place and making more work, now dinner may be late and everyone is hungry. Now, you both finally make it to bed and either one of you or both are too tired to twinkle.
Plan ahead: choose an extra chore that does not offend you. Use your Daddy skills to get the children, who have ten times, more energy than both of you, to help clean up the house. My personal favorite game is match up the socks, you get a dime/cookie for every match you make. Also the fold these clothes for $5 game is the best money I ever spent, especially during the playoff. I walk upstairs with two baskets of folded clothes, she kisses me, and I slip a fin to my kid. I am KING for the night and into the day.
Sometimes we here, I am tired and we do not know why. Housework is the reason why. Being involved in any aspect of your home takes away a lot of frustration and arguments that couples go through. Also being involved in a homework chore gives your children an example to look up to. At Daddy UniverseCity or job is to help relieve you of issues.
Take a tip from one of our Faculty Members:
My chore is laundry and my laundry room is in the basement. My dvd player, vcr, big television, playstation game and home office are all in the basement as well. My lady is upstairs vacuuming and ironing etc.etc. I am downstairs watching the game, playing with the kids, and watching television. All of a sudden I hear the dryer buzz, I get up do a change over and back to the couch. I have my kids folding for cookies or change. A couple of hours later my kids are $10 richer, I watched every event I wanted to see, and spent quality time with the children. She will not even ask me to go to the store because, If I stop the laundry will not get done. Sweet, please keep this a secret, if she knew I enjoyed it then I would not get rewarded as much!
Daddy UniverseCity will always provide you with personal experience and tips to make your life better, which in turn will make the life of your children, Great. Most of our Faculty Members have traveled down your road and our mission is to make you aware of the obstacles. Obstacles that we have found and obstacles we have avoided.

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