Your body is trembling, your heart is racing, and sweat is rolling down your brow. Trying to take that first step in the world of the unknown. The what if thinking scenario has you spiraling with the ever so unpleasant sensations, will they ever stop? After 9/11, you became housebound, frightened of the outside world, and gave up all that was once routine in your life. With every passing day, the mere prospect of stepping out that front door became more crippling.

Fear is winning the battle and you are succumbing. Thoughts of worst case scenario and anticipation keep you in that feared, agoraphobic place. Why am I like this? How come everyone else can be normal? Why me? These are all common questions you ask yourself due to the fear. You watch your children leave for school each and every day, your husband kisses you goodbye and goes off to work, and there you sit. Surrounded by four walls, a prison that you have created for yourself. You are lonely and unsure. Does this sound familiar to you?

If it does to you or someone you know, there is hope. More than hope, there is freedom behind that fear. One step at a time, one change at a time, and one new day at a time. Each step and each day brings you closer to freedom. You may doubt the possibility as you have tried everything with no results. There are no gimmicks or quick fixes to the feared and agoraphobic. No magic pill, no miracle cure, it is all within you! A scary prospect thinking that it is up to you, but on the flip side, it is pure power! Power that is within you! You must start by making the decision to change! Your thinking needs to be one that is positive, motivating, and empowering. Believing in yourself is the critical element. If you speak to yourself with the “I can’t do this” how will you ever change your life as it is now? Clearly, it will not change, what needs to change first is your self talk and belief in yourself.

As hard as it may be, it is purely possible and is being done each and every day. You are not worse or different than anyone else who has fear, you are not weaker or less able, and you are strong and very much able. The decision is yourself and the power is within you!As a life coach who has experienced many fears and phobias, avoidance behaviors, anxiety, and lack of belief in myself, I can assure you, this can be done. I have done it and I never thought I could regain my life, but I did and much more than I ever thought possible. You can do the same. With proper understanding of the fear and a commitment on your part, you will be out that door in no time.

After my decision was made to change my thoughts, attitude and belief in myself, I found my passion and purpose. I took several courses and earned my Certified Master Life Coach Designation, Spiritual Coach, and Wellness Coach Designation. I published my first book in 2005, titled It’s Okay to Have Anxiety ... Really! which shares my story and what I did to overcome. I had to share the tools I created wit the world and give others hope and compassion at the same time. You do not have to live behind closed doors anymore.

You do not have to wave from the window as your family members leave the house, you can join them. Think of your avoidant, feared life as a closed chapter to your story and start a whole new chapter of your life filled with joy, confidence, security, and fulfillment. It is all yours for the wanting. You can be feared no more.

Author's Bio: 

Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach,Published Author. Mother of 2, wife. Owner of a catering business for 19 years.