Many of us get a bit stressed out some time.

Particularly when the demands of Life seems to be never ending. Especially when suffering from trauma, long term stressors, a demanding lifestyle or poor health.

Our response to stress can become much more chronic, leading to symptoms or conditions such as depression, anxiety, headaches, IBS, lower immune system, tiredness, anger, frustration, weeping, forgetfulness, difficulty doing normal tasks once found easy……

But there are many things we can do to help cope with Stress better. It is vital that we Learn to Relax, often the body is unable to relax when it has become more familiar with the Stress Response.

When we relax properly and get deepful rest, sleep our body then restore's it's own energy and healing, so the body system works more efficiently and effectively.

You can Learn to Relax with various techniques such as Autogenic Training, Muscle Relaxation, Abdominal Breathing, Meditation, Visualisation & much more.

We can also encourage relaxation by taking up new or old hobbies. Childhood favourites are great, they often trigger of inner passions and childlike fun which boosts our immune system, triggers of the happy chemicals and brings back that spark for life.

De stressing can be simple, it doesn't have to cost money or lots of time. Have fun chilling out and relaxing, being calmer and happier means you can do daily tasks and face lifes challenges with more ease and greater positivity

Author's Bio: 

Eileen is a stress therapist who teaches relaxation and stress management in schools, charities and organisations around lanarkshire in scotland.