If wealth is a feeling and many of our feelings are attached to our prior programming, domestication, and parenting, just how many of us FEEL WEALTHY?

Perhaps the FEELING is in the word “wealthy.” Although every word, phrase, or sentence can be interpreted differently no matter what language it’s in, I still think that English speaking people, especially those of us who use it as our primary language, have given certain words…certain meanings. This happens to words as they are used over a period of time. For example, the word “coincidence.” Most times it is used to mean that something happened spontaneously or by happenstance. However, if you break the word apart, “co” meaning “with” and “incidence” meaning “event” really says that two or more things came together with the event. In other words, it was no accident.

So, let’s take the word WEALTH. What FEELING does it conjure up for you? If you changed the word to “Well Off”, does that change anything? How about “Affluent?” Webster gives the meaning of “wealthy” as: 1: having wealth: AFFLUENT 2: Characterized by abundance (Hmmm…what does abundance mean today?): AMPLE : syn see RICH.

Webster begs the question: “Do I need wealth to have abundance in my life? That’s a whole other topic, eh? If I have AMPLE amount, am I wealthy?

And back to the original question…If wealth is a FEELING, do you FEEL wealthy? And if not…why not? And what do you need to do if you WANT to FEEL wealthy?

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Linda McCarrin, BA, CHLC
Copyright 2006
Ripple Effect Presentations

Linda McCarrin is a Chicago-born native. She has had a varied career which has included teaching children and adults, selling residential real estate as a broker, working in the health field and finally working from her spirit by creating and facilitating seminars on topics such as communication, healing through our feelings, weight and money management. From an early age her intuition was always serving her. But it wasn’t until she went through what she calls her own “personal tsunamis” that she began to see she was not on a divinely planned path. It took a cranial tumor to help her understand that and so she embarked on a course called, “Self-Mastery…A Journey Home to your Self” from Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. It was here that that she realized it was her past programming that kept her from coming from her true spirit. As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, she now teaches what coming from your Spirit is about through her company Ripple Effect Presentations featuring her “Seminars for the Soul” series. Linda travels to get the message across that we are here to find out who we are so that we can do what we are good at in order to enjoy life’s abundance. Her favorite quote is: “People don’t change until the pain of remaining the same is too great.” You can reach her at Rippleeffect10@comcast.net or write to her at Linda McCarrin, Ripple Effect Presentations, Orland Park, Il. 60462. Her website is being developed.