How do your buyers feel when they've read your booklet or other information product? It may be something you've never actually considered until this
moment. If so, you're not alone. After all, you've labored to get
all that wisdom whittled down to a booklet, feeling like you've
left out tons of vital information you believe the reader must have.

Let's look at the question, though, of how your buyers feel or what
they think once they have read your booklet. Those people could
be the end user who bought a single copy from you or the
decision-maker who purchased large quantities of your booklet to
use for promotional purposes or someone who got the booklet as
a gift with their purchase of something. Regardless of how your
reader acquired your booklet, it's still the question of how they
feel when they've read it.

Here's some possibilities:

* Encouraged
* Frustrated
* Validated
* Overwhelmed
* Enlightened
* Curious
* Convinced
* Impressed
* Challenged
* Happy

Of course there are many more reactions and variations.
These get us started on exploring why it even matters
enough to address the issue at all. When a client feels or
says they feel good after seeing your materials or working
with you, they are likely to come back to you for more.
They will want more of your products and services. You
have taken that person to a higher level in some part of
their life, either personally or professionally. You've done
it in a way that opens the door for more, as simple as that.
It could be immediate or after some further contemplation.
And the delay could be a long one. Regardless, you left a
positive imprint that doesn't go away. They will want more
from you.

"More" can mean more information about how to do business
with you, more in-depth content delivered in a differently
formatted product or service than a tips booklet, or more
quantity in the way of re-orders of what they already bought.
What a great dose of satisfaction it is for you when you get the
message that your client feels good about what you provide.
It validates your decision and efforts about the knowledge
you've shared.

The reverse is also true. You have presented your expertise
in ways that make people turn away from it. It is too complex
or too simplistic or presented unprofessionally or offers too
much too soon. It insults the reader's intelligence or is off-putting because of being unapproachable as an entry point into the topic. It doesn't take a lot to realize that will be a short journey for you. Your reader will not feel good and will want nothing more to do with you.

Think back to the earliest days of your own expertise. You started at the basics. You gradually learned, step by step, and went on to the next level. You felt good about grasping one body of knowledge. That's how you will best serve your own clients. Give them the basics in the booklet. Then go to a higher level with either another booklet or some other format like a special report or audio program or something allowing you to present an expansion of your knowledge.

Doing this best serves your clients and builds a strong business for you. You and your clients then get to say "feels so good."

© 2007, Paulette Ensign

Author's Bio: 

Paulette Ensign has personally sold over a million copies of her 16-page tips booklet, '110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life,' in four languages, without spending a penny on advertising. That includes several licenses. Her company, Tips Products International, has products and services to assist you in writing and marketing your own booklet on any topic.