Before we can experience sensuality, touch and pleasure with a lover, it is important that every woman learns to explore her body, to pleasure it, and to appreciate it.

Yes ladies - you can't always blame your lover for your failure to launch. Take a good look at your sensual world, your relationship with yourself, your sensuality and erotic power.

Begin by asking yourself a few questions:

1. Have you experienced female self pleasuring? Do you have reservations?

2. Are you aware of the sensual sensations of your body?

3. Are you aware of the emotional feelings associated with your body? Your sexuality? Sexual power?

4. Do you know what words, actions, touches that give your more pleasure?

5. Do you know what things relax you, your mind and body? Is it food, music, candles, the feelings of silk on your soft skin?

So how do you develop your 'female self pleasuring' potentional?

Well when you have answered these questions, explored yourself, always keep in mind that your are a powerful sexual goddess and you deserve to be treated with respect, love, appreciation, pleasure and admiration - by yourself as well as your lover.

Nurture your erotic relationship with yourself with female self pleasuring.

1. Set the mood, create the scene. From the answers to the questions, prepare your most ideal environment, i.e. one which helps you to relax, enhance your senses and sensuality.

Think music, lighting, fragrance, cushions, oils, toys, clothing - or lack of!

2. Relax mind, body and soul. Have a slow luxurious soak, or give yourself a massage.

3. Slowly begin touching your self (leaving the genitals until the end). Stroke, caress, and admire your body - your hands, legs, stomach.

Some women feel uncomfortable admiring themselves and their bodies. If any such feels come up just note them and let them go. Don't stop and analyse, just continue touching and pleasuring your body, and make sure your last thought or feeling is a positive one.

4. Feel the energy begin to flow around the body. Feel your skin start to tingle, your breathing deepen.

5. Now start to stroke and caress your breasts, touching them slowly in admiration. Stroke your nipples, feel the skin on the breasts tingle and the energy flow around them.

6. After at least 20minutes of body sensual touching, you can proceed to the intimate areas. Lightly caress your yoni (the tantric word for Vagina which means sacred space), clit, lips.

And any area you wish to explore!

If you experience waves of intense pleasure and emotion (negative or positive) simply note them, breathe slowly and deeply and let these feelings go. Always end on a positive thought and feeling. Continue with your female self pleasuring.

7. Explore your inner erotic beauty by inserting a finger slowly into your yoni - just to within an inch or two initially. Note the physical and sensual sensations - the heat, moisture, and textures. Insert another finger if you're comfortable. Explore your yoni, g-spot, vary your touch, and drape a lovely silk scarf over the area. Tease your clitoris, starting at the base of the clit and moving towards the head.

(If indulging in intimate massage - make sure you use organic, cold-presses virgin oils such as almond, olive and sesame. Do not use essential oils in any form - on or near the genitals).

8. Allow the powerful erotic and sensual sensations to build and flow in waves throughout the body. Bring yourself close to climax, then slow down breathe deeply and start again. Do this a number of times to allow you to be in a state of arousal and pleasure for good amount of time.

Enjoy the sensations until you can't take it anymore. Claim and enjoy your female sexual power - the greatest power on the planet!

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