Tantric touch and sensuality are part of the concept of Tantra.

And incase you didn't know Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy in which mind, body and soul are united for to experience maximum pleasure, sensuality, bliss fulfillment and intimacy. The heart of the philosophy is to connect with your self, with your lover and with the universe it's self. A magnificent goal through which to experience limitless expression.

So how does tantra relate to female self pleasuring?

Well tantric touch i.e. sensual seduction and sensual arousal can be powerful tools to allow a woman to express:

self love
self care
self appreciation

Too often women's lives are a complex web of responsibilities and worries - leaving her mind, body and soul tired, confused and unfulfilled. It's no surprise that women lose interest in themselves, their interests and in their relationship and sexuality.

Through tantric female self pleasuring a woman can re-unite head, heart and emotions, body and soul to experience the pleasure, nurturing and wild abandon that she needs.

But in order to reach this point she will need to value herself enough to take the steps to getting back in touch with her self, body, pleasures, sensuality and female power. In tantra loving oneself takes the same amount of energy, time and commitment as with a lover. Female sexuality and arousal are treated differently to a man's in that woman experience a slower stage of arousal, and a powerful series of peak experiences.

To re-connect with your body and sensuality through female self pleasuring, keep in mind the following points:

1. Set aside 20minutes a week (or more) for a one to one time with yourself. Try and make this a regular discipline.

2. In tantra , our environment is sensually very important. So make sure you prepare a sensually inviting and attractive space to love yourself in. Focus on the lighting, smell, i.e. scented candles or essential oils such as ylang ylang, lavender, patchouli and sandalwood to name some, get some candles and cushions to add to the atmosphere and mood, have some water and nibbles handy, and get your relaxing music ready.

3. Have a luxurious bath or relaxing shower to prepare your body and dress up with sensual clothes or jewelry, or perfumes to get you in the mood.

4.Breathe - slowly and deeply for at least 5 minutes to relax the mind, and calm

5. Connect with your heart through Visualization. - Imagine healing energy from your heart spreading around the body, relaxing and healing all parts of yourself

6.Begin your tantric touching. Admire, stroke, and love your body. Massage your body (leaving intimates to the end), or simply stroke and touch yourself. experiment with different stokes, making a note of the sensations and what you like more.

7. Do a tantric energy visualization to focus your increasing sexual energy. Imagine breathing into your genitals and then visualize this energy slowly moving up the spine, up towards the head, finally flowing out of the head like a fountain and returning to the genitals in a circuit. Do this for about 10-15 minutes.

8. Now repeat again until you have taken yourself close to climax (but not to completion) a few times.

Finally when you can't take anymore - simply allow yourself to let go and experience your self pleasuring in all it's majestic glory. You deserve the pleasure, satisfaction and love.

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