Some time back, I got a call from a couple who were about to purchase a gorgeous condo in an upscale neighborhood. The closing was the next day and as one final thought, they asked me to look at the place and tell them if the energies in their future home were auspicious. I hurried over to the condo and what I found was hair-raising: the unseen energies in that condo had the potential to cause blood cancer. The couple was very upset – they loved the condo and had already committed their “earnest money” on the deal. Canceling the purchase would have been a huge deal. So, the wife went back to the building just “to look around.” Unbelievable as this may sound, she bumped into a man who lived directly over the condo unit she was thinking of buying.

They got talking and the man told her that as much as he loved living in his condo, his enjoyment was tempered by the fact that he had been diagnosed with blood cancer shortly after moving into his condo. My client couldn’t believe her ears and no longer hesitated to cancel the purchase of her condo.

Now in diagnosing any environment, we must calculate the interplay of the natal chart of the building and, if it’s a condo or apartment, the natal chart of the individual condo unit. We must also assess directional and planetary influences as well as the birthdates of the occupants. Obviously, this takes a professional consultation by an authentic practitioner of Classical Feng Shui or Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui). However, here are some general guidelines that signal the potential for negative health issues as well as financial issues:

1. Broken Windows. Windows that are fragmented or shattered can literally attract eye problems or distorted vision. They can also prevent a person from seeing things clearly in his life. Any broken windows should be repaired as soon as possible.

2. A Toilet Behind the Bed. Over time, a toilet that backs against the same wall as a bed has the potential to lead to kidney-related problems. If a toilet is on the other side of a wall shared by your bed, reposition the bed to another wall in the room.

3. A Pillar or Column. Having a structural -- or even a decorative -- pillar in the center of your home can potentially lead to problems that involve the abdomen or other organs in the abdominal area. Also with regard to Vaastu, center pillars are seen as a major defect. While a structural pillar may be difficult to remove, try to avoid placing any decorative pillars in the center of your home.

4. Leaks. Water that constantly runs can attract unending expenses. Literally, leaks can energize patterns that stimulate high expenses so money flows out almost as soon as it flows in. If you can’t seem to get control of your money, don’t just check your spending habits, also check for leaks around sinks, toilets, washer-dryer connections, and pipes.

5. Broken Steps. If the steps leading to your home are broken or in bad repair, your house may be attracting financial ill health. Damaged front steps can energize career hardships for the head of the household and intensify energetic patterns causing expenditures to exceed income.

Truly, your home mirrors your life. The energy in your home can also cause problems in your life – especially where health and financial health are concerned. If you’re experiencing health issues or are thinking of buying a new home or commercial property, a professional Feng Shui or Vaastu consultation can literally save your life!

(c) 2009 Rupal Mehta Turner

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