Learning a foreign language is one of the best things you can do to balance brain hemispheres. And why is this important? Because it makes you more intelligent and more creative!

There is another advantage to learning a foreign language and that is because it will re-create your initial language learning experience.

Our first language teacher is our mother. Learning to speak is a very intimate experience. If there was a disruption in the bond between mother and child, learning disabilities can result. As you begin to study a foreign language, you will unconsciously recreate your early learning experiences and this gives you invaluable insight into your early years.

The planet Mercury rules the early school years and the ability to speak a language (any language). These two things are connected esoterically.

As you begin studying your foreign language, notice whether you speak freely and easily, making plenty of mistakes but nevertheless enjoying yourself and gaining ground -- or do you hold back, waiting for perfection. This is the way you first learned to speak! You are recreating the experience.

You will likely remain with the same group of students for two to four semesters. This is the minimum requirement for an Associate's Degree and for continuing at a four-year college. Pay close attention to the classroom dynamics as you will be recreating experiences from your early school years. This is an opportuity for you to gain consciousness and also to heal wounds from the past as you become aware of them. You will be able to see in what ways your early school experiences influenced the whole rest of your life and correct them with great insight if they weren't positive. After all, you're much older now and, although returning to the same place in consciousnessz, you have more years' experience, better social skills, increased inner resources and other tools for improving your experience.

Learning a foreign language presents a rare opportunity to re-visit childhood and learn from the experience. As you heal the past, you improve the future!

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Nancy R. Fenn is a VisionCoach in the San Diego Area. She helps intuitives, creatives and visionaries to identify and commit to their mission in life. She can be reached at 619-669-0605 or nancy@bemyguide.net Nancy's websites are URL www.bemyastrologer.com and www.bemyguide.net