LET the impure turn to Purity, and they shall be pure; let the weak resort to Strength, and they shall be strong; let the ignorant fly to Knowledge, and they shall be wise. All things are man's, and he chooses that which he will have. Today he chooses in ignorance, tomorrow he shall choose in wisdom. He shall "work out his own salvation,” whether he believe it or not, for he cannot escape himself, nor transfer to another the eternal responsibility of his own soul. By no theological subterfuge shall he trick the Law of his being, which shall shatter all his selfish makeshifts and excuses for right thinking and right doing. Nor shall God do for him that which it is destined his soul shall accomplish for itself.

Commentary: Lack of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding is the #1 reason people fail in life and finances. May I say more specifically, a lack of a desire to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If you desire different or better circumstances in your life and finances, doing the same things you have been doing for years will not get you results. To better your finances, make the attempt to keep an open mind and stay flexible in financial affairs and wealth building strategies. When you get to the point of where you think you know it all or you are not open minded to expand your financial horizons to increase your current condition, you are destined for failure and financial stagnation. Many people don't know where to go for unbiased life and financial advice so they do nothing. To do nothing is the worst move to make. Always seek advancement through knowledge. You could never grow by doing the same things or worst, do nothing. So I submit to you, to yield great rewards, never be afraid to step outside your conditioned way of doing things – your comfort zone. With an open mind, always seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding of a better way.

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